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Top School Districts in Wisconsin, 2018

The Badger State compares very favorably in pre-K-12 education with the rest of the nation, ranking 6th in the U.S. in NAEP math scores and high school graduation rate, as well as 8th in NAEP reading scores according to U.S. News & World Report. Wisconsin offers its residents some of the best public school districts in the nation.

Wisconsin’s best public school district is Mequon-Thiensville School District, comprising six schools serving Mequon and Thiensville, two suburbs of Milwaukee. MTSD has been repeatedly recognized nationally for its academic excellence, with three of its schools earning the National Blue Ribbon Award in the past fifteen years, most recently Oriole Lane Elementary in 2017.

Waunakee Community School District is Wisconsin’s #2 school district. Administering one independent kindergarten, three elementaries, one intermediate school, and one high school, WCSD schools either meet or exceed expectations in every academic measure.

Ranking third is Whitefish Bay School District, a small system comprising four schools serving Whitefish Bay, WI. The district has consistently excelled in academics and standardized testing compared with the rest of the state, recently becoming the only district in Wisconsin to boast an average ACT score above 25 for over 16 years.

#4 Kohler District honors Wisconsin’s legacy of excellent public schooling, with one of its schools earning a National Blue Ribbon Award in 2013.

Elmbrook School District places fifth due to its students high academic performance: the district’s graduation rate regularly reaches 98%.

Top School Districts in Wisconsin, 2018

State RankSchool DistrictState
1Mequon-Thiensville School DistrictWisconsin
2Waunakee Community School DistrictWisconsin
3Whitefish Bay School DistrictWisconsin
4Kohler School DistrictWisconsin
5Elmbrook School DistrictWisconsin
6Hamilton School DistrictWisconsin
7Middleton-Cross Plains Area School DistrictWisconsin
8Benton School DistrictWisconsin
9Mcfarland School DistrictWisconsin
10Kettle Moraine School DistrictWisconsin
11Germantown School DistrictWisconsin
12De Pere School DistrictWisconsin
13Franklin Public School DistrictWisconsin
14Grafton School DistrictWisconsin
15New Berlin School DistrictWisconsin
16Monona Grove School DistrictWisconsin
17Cedarburg School DistrictWisconsin
18Wauwatosa School DistrictWisconsin
19Northern Ozaukee School DistrictWisconsin
20Mukwonago School DistrictWisconsin
21Shorewood School DistrictWisconsin
22Pewaukee School DistrictWisconsin
23Kimberly Area School DistrictWisconsin
24Menomonee Falls School DistrictWisconsin
25Oregon School DistrictWisconsin
26Slinger School DistrictWisconsin
27Mount Horeb Area School DistrictWisconsin
28Howard-Suamico School DistrictWisconsin
29Oconomowoc Area School DistrictWisconsin
30Greendale School DistrictWisconsin
31Muskego-Norway School DistrictWisconsin
32Gibraltar Area School DistrictWisconsin
33Hudson School DistrictWisconsin
34River Falls School DistrictWisconsin
35West De Pere School DistrictWisconsin
36Grantsburg School DistrictWisconsin
37Deerfield Community School DistrictWisconsin
38Winneconne Community School DistrictWisconsin
39Spring Valley School DistrictWisconsin
40Oostburg School DistrictWisconsin
41Sun Prairie Area School DistrictWisconsin
42Southern Door County School DistrictWisconsin
43Pecatonica Area School DistrictWisconsin
44Hilbert School DistrictWisconsin
45Sauk Prairie School DistrictWisconsin
46Howards Grove School DistrictWisconsin
47Neenah Joint School DistrictWisconsin
48New Glarus School DistrictWisconsin
49Pulaski Community School DistrictWisconsin
50Onalaska School DistrictWisconsin
51De Forest Area School DistrictWisconsin
52Verona Area School DistrictWisconsin
53Hortonville Area School DistrictWisconsin
54West Salem School DistrictWisconsin
55Cedar Grove-Belgium Area School DistrictWisconsin
56Platteville School DistrictWisconsin
57Fall River School DistrictWisconsin
58Whitnall School DistrictWisconsin
59Lake Mills Area School DistrictWisconsin
60Wrightstown Community School DistrictWisconsin
61Dodgeville School DistrictWisconsin
62Elk Mound Area School DistrictWisconsin
63Port Washington-Saukville School DistrictWisconsin
64Plymouth Joint School DistrictWisconsin
65Wild Rose School DistrictWisconsin
66Elkhorn Area School DistrictWisconsin
67Highland School DistrictWisconsin
68Rosendale-Brandon School DistrictWisconsin
69Ashwaubenon School DistrictWisconsin
70Green Lake School DistrictWisconsin
71Somerset School DistrictWisconsin
72Denmark School DistrictWisconsin
73Beloit Turner School DistrictWisconsin
74Random Lake School DistrictWisconsin
75New Richmond School DistrictWisconsin
76Stoughton Area School DistrictWisconsin
77Turtle Lake School DistrictWisconsin
78Prescott School DistrictWisconsin
79Columbus School DistrictWisconsin
80Sheboygan Falls School DistrictWisconsin
81Holmen School DistrictWisconsin
82Altoona School DistrictWisconsin
83Ellsworth Community School DistrictWisconsin
84Spencer School DistrictWisconsin
85Luxemburg-Casco School DistrictWisconsin
86Osceola School DistrictWisconsin
87Reedsville School DistrictWisconsin
88Belleville School DistrictWisconsin
89Kiel Area School DistrictWisconsin
90Tomorrow River School DistrictWisconsin
91Milton School DistrictWisconsin
92Cochrane-Fountain City School DistrictWisconsin
93Evansville Community School DistrictWisconsin
94Lodi School DistrictWisconsin
95Prentice School DistrictWisconsin
96Weyauwega-Fremont School DistrictWisconsin
97Saint Croix Central School DistrictWisconsin
98East Troy Community School DistrictWisconsin
99River Valley School DistrictWisconsin
100Amery School DistrictWisconsin


The following contributed to the ranking: student performance (math and reading test scores), dropout rates, school funding, and area poverty rates. Data was collected from a total of 9,577 school districts.

Did your district make the list?

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US Census Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Census.gov

If you ever visited Census.gov before it was updated you’d have found the process of sifting through the plentiful information about America’s economy, places, and people incredibly time-consuming and difficult. Thankfully, the website has been updated, which has made it slightly easier to navigate. However, with so much information available, it’s still easy to miss key features or you may struggle to pinpoint the data you’re looking for.

Therefore, to help get you started and to make sure you’re getting the most out of Census.gov, we’ve put together this handy guide which will show you how to navigate the site and get the results you’re looking for.

Using the Navigation Bar

At the top of the site, you’ll see a navigation bar which contains the links, “Topics,” “Geography,” “Library,” “Data,” “Surveys/Programs,” “Newsrooms,” and “About Us.” So, let’s take a look at each of these to see what you’ll find in each section.

Using the Topics Feature on Census.gov

When you click on the “Topics” tab at the top of the homepage, this presents you with a drop-down bar with a number of further options. These contain the economic and demographic content within certain areas of interest, including population, education, income and poverty, and health.

Clicking on one of these will provide you with a further breakdown of the statistics that are available for this area. For example, if you click on ‘Health,’ this presents you with several more options, including Disability, Expenses and Investments, Fertility, Health Care Industries, Health Insurance, HIV/AIDS, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE), and Social Assistance Industries. As you click into each of these categories you’ll be taken to a new page that’s dedicated entirely to this area. At the top of the page, you’ll see an overview of what the statistics include along with any new releases that are available.

When you’ve found your chosen area and have clicked on it, you can go into much more detail using the additional tabs and sections within each sub-category. For example, on the Disability page, you’ll find information about the data that’s collected, how it’s collected, and what publications have been released. For further information on the specific area, there are also links to related sites or you can contact the team for more information.

Alternatively, if you just want an overview of one of the main categories (e.g. Health) and don’t want to go into a specific sub-category, you can enter the main page by clicking on “[CATEGORY NAME] main” in the white box that’s on the left-hand side of the drop-down within each section. This provides you with a general overview of the data that’s been collected, any news stories, recent publications, new surveys/programs, working papers, and so on.

Using the Geography Feature on Census.gov

Clicking on the “Geography” tab opens up some more possibilities for your data search. Here you’ll find access to an overview of the geography section of the website, “Geography Main.” Or you can refine your search by clicking on the various features available.

This includes cool interactive maps that display things like populations; education tools like blogs and brochures; metropolitan and micropolitan information; and further details on the Geographic Support System Initiative (GSS-I).

Using the Library Feature on Census.gov

For photos, videos, and audio tools, you’ll need to click on the “Library” tab. Here you’ll find access to all the available publications, infographics, and audio/visual tools available.

For example, if you click into the infographics section you’ll be able to see the latest ones that have been published. Codes for each of these are available so you can embed these into your own website to provide a cool graphic for your visitors.

All of the multimedia available within this section is sorted by their date of release.

Using the Data Feature on Census.gov

Under the “Data” tab you’ll find some great tools that help you find the data you’re looking for. (We’ll delve into the QuickFacts section of the site in more detail below.)

Within this section, you will find more sub-categories that allow you to explore different areas of the site. Helpful tools (like the QuickFacts feature) are located under the tab “Data Tools & Apps,” but you’ll also find a section that’s dedicated to developers.

The developers’ section of Census.gov has been designed to help provide greater access to the stats and data the website’s got available. Therefore, within this section developers can use the application programming interface (API) to reach new users and create custom apps by incorporating the stats found on the website into their own designs. For example, a developer may use the stats to show what commuting patterns there are in a particular American city, or they may show how many homeowners there are within a certain neighborhood.

However, if you’re not a developer, you can gain instant access to some of the apps that are already available. Contained in the “Mobile Apps” section you’ll find a number of free apps that help you process the information that’s available on the site. Or, if you fancy putting your knowledge to the test, you might like to download the Census PoP Quiz!

Furthermore, in the “Software” sub-category you’ll also find some free software that allows you to process, map, extract, display, and/or create tables from the survey and census data.

There’s also a “Product Catalogs” section where you’ll find information that’s been separated into key subject categories (e.g. Business and Industry, Geography, and Housing). Within these sections, you’ll find publications in print, CDs, DVDs, certification services, and reference files and maps.

Finally, for information on combining data and where you can get more training or attend workshops, you’ll need to be in the “Training & Workshops” section.

You can also access to the visual tools through this Data section, too.

Using the Surveys/Programs Feature on Census.gov

To gain instant access to the surveys and programs that have been run throughout the U.S., click on the tab for “Surveys/Programs”. Through the drop-down menu, you can access all of the surveys available, which include the 2010 and 2020 Census, the American Housing Survey (AHS), the Economic Census, and so on.

Clicking on the relevant one will take you straight to the relevant survey while also providing you with more information on the survey. For example, in the 2020 Census section, you’ll find details on things like research and testing, the latest news, and a monthly status report.

If you’re not sure what survey or program you want, you can click on the tab that shows “All Surveys & Programs.” Displayed in alphabetical order, there are over one hundred different ones available for you to choose from.

And, finally, if you ever want some more details on a survey you’ve been asked to take part in you can learn more about this in the “Are you in a Survey?” section.

Using the Newsroom and About Us Sections on Census.gov

The final two tabs on the website are pretty self-explanatory. Within the newsroom section, you’ll find the latest releases and blog/social media posts. You can also get facts for your features, stats for your stories, and press kits here. And if you want to know more about Census.gov, how it operates, who’s behind it, and what their research involves, head to “About Us.”

Getting the Most Out of Census.gov QuickFacts

The QuickFacts tool provided by Census.gov is incredibly useful if you want to refine the data on offer. To access the tool you can either click through from the homepage or go to the “Data” tab before clicking on “Data Tools & Apps” and “QuickFacts.”

Once the QuickFacts screen has loaded up you’ll see a search box where you can enter the state, county, city, town, or zip code – and a drop-down box that allows you to select a fact.

The facts include various factors within several sections:

  • Population
  • Age and Sex
  • Race and Hispanic Origin
  • Population Characteristics
  • Housing
  • Family and Living Arrangements
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Transportation
  • Income & Poverty
  • Business
  • Geography

To access the data, simply enter the area you want to look in. The search bar at the top does also give you the option to choose the factor you want to filter by. For example, you may want to look at Oklahoma to see how many people are living in each household. To do this, you’ll type in “Oklahoma” in the search bar before selecting “persons per household” under the “Family and Living Arrangements” section. However, unfortunately, the tool doesn’t filter out all of the other information when you do this, so you’ll still see all the other data among the data you’ve asked for.

Therefore, to get the information you’re looking for your best off entering the area in the search bar, letting the graph load and selecting the section that’s relevant to you from the drop-down menu that’s located at the top of the table. This automatically shows “All Topics” but if you click on it, it’ll display the sections detailed in the bullet points listed above. So, for the previous example we’ve given, we’d select “Family and Living Arrangements” before narrowing down our search to see how many people were living in each household.

You’ll also notice that when your table’s generated, it will show the “United States” and your chosen area, e.g. Oklahoma. This allows you to compare the stats for both, or, if you want to focus solely on the area you’ve chosen, you can click the X above ‘United States’ to get rid of this.

Once you’ve created this table you can then add other areas to it to start comparing. All you need to do is type in the new area in the search box. For example, we might compare the number of people in a household in Oklahoma with the figures for Tennessee. After we’ve typed “Tennessee” into the search bar this will be added to the table next to Oklahoma so we can compare the two. And if you want to get rid of one of your search results, all you need to do is hit the X above the area name.

Because QuickFacts continues to add new areas to the table when you type them in the search bar, you will need to clear your existing table if you want to start a fresh comparison. To do this, just click on the “Clear” icon on the toolbar.

Using the Other Features of QuickFacts

You’ll also notice that, on this toolbar, there are a number of other icons, and these are designed to create interactive features for your searches. For example, after you’ve selected the area you’re looking at, you can click on “Map” to load a full map of the United States. It will highlight the area you’ve selected in red while also showing you all the other states. By hovering over the states you can see the total populations within each. Or, if you select a particular fact from the drop-down menu, it’ll display the total number of people within each area according to the fact you’ve selected.

The chart icon also provides you with another way of comparing your newfound stats with other states in the U.S. To use, just click on the icon after you’ve input the area and fact you want to search by.

And now comes the clever part! The “Dashboard” icon draws all three of the above features into one manageable place, so you can see the table, map, and chart at once. This offers a much more visual experience that you can continue to change and refine according to the topics you’re selecting.

If you do get confused as to what topic you’ve chosen, this is always displayed above the feature you’re using.

Finally, when you’ve found the data you want, you can start to use it by clicking on the “More” button at the end of the QuickFacts toolbar. Here you can choose to print your results, import them into a CSV file (for use with Excel spreadsheets, for example), email them to someone, get an embedded link for your website, or share them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Although the QuickFacts feature can be a little frustrating to use to start with, by playing around with it for a few minutes you should grasp the concept of it. And once you do, the information that’s available and the features you can use are incredibly useful.

Other Useful Features on Census.gov

U.S. and World Population Clock

To see how rapidly the world’s or America’s population is expanding, the interactive Population Clock is well worth a visit. With a clock counting the population as it grows and some other timers for births, deaths, and migrations, this is a great visual tool.

Here you’ll also find out how the population is changing, being able to see how frequently a new baby’s being born, how often there’s a death, and how the population is growing by region. You can also view the population density by age and sex, viewing how it’s changed over the years.

Additionally, you can find out how large the population of America was on a certain date by entering it into the calendar. This is also available to download and share.

American FactFinder

This tool on Census.gov lets you explore popular facts about your community, while also showing you the data that’s being frequently requested about this area. To find out more all you need to do is put your state, county, city, town, or zip code in the search bar and click “Go.”

Once you’ve done this it’ll take you to a page which shows you the total population and popular tables for this area. On the left-hand side, you’ll also see a number of categories, including age, education, and housing. Clicking on one of these will bring up the relevant data for this category while, again, showing you the popular tables for this section.

However, if you want to refine your search you may find the “Guided Search” option, which is available on the main page of the American FactFinder, helpful. Here you choose from a number of options, including what information you’re looking for, the topics you’re interested in, the location you want, and whether you want to refine your data to a race or ethnic group.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be presented with a list of tables and documents that are relevant to your requirements. This is a much easier way to refine your search!

There’s also an “Advanced Search” option that allows you to search by topics, geographies, race and ethnic groups, industry codes, and EEO occupation codes. You can also search by topic or table name or the area you’re interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within this section, you’ll see what questions people are asking, with popular FAQs displayed on the main page. You can refine the results by topics or find what you’re looking for straight away, just type your question in the search box.

There’s some great information available that will help shed light on your research, the data available, and what goes into the surveys. You can also dip into the glossary for help with any unknown terms.


As you can see there’s plenty on offer at Census.gov, whether you’re looking for the latest mobile apps or you need to produce a table of facts for a new assignment. And, although the plethora of information can seem quite intimidating at first, the above explanation of how to access all of the key areas should hopefully help you find what you’re looking for!


FreeBackgroundCheck.org Review, 2020

  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/Features


FreeBackgroundCheck.org is a data-pooling search site that offers many types of specific searching with the goal of getting you information quickly and efficiently. The accuracy of the information, however, is questionable and I would advise any users to do a double check on the information provided just to be thorough.

User Rating 2.53 (15 votes)


  • There is an astonishing amount of results propagated by each search. The probability that you are going to find something on the person you are searching is very high.


  • Many of the results returned are duplicate and/or incomplete. You may have 5 profiles that refer to the same person with different information in them. They would all be partially correct but none would give a cohesive report.
  • Searching took a long time. Both the initial search and subsequent ones stalled or failed multiple times.
  • Shuffling through incomplete information and incorrect details can get very confusing and concerning, especially when in reference to confused criminal and sex offender records! This is particularly important when you are searching someone you don’t know; You might not know that the information you are receiving is incorrect and that could influence you to make decisions that would be unfounded.


  • You were able to search many different ways, directing you to specific results that you may be interested. This could be helpful if you are desiring a very specific bit of information.
  • I also found it to be a little disconcerting that my IP address for multiple email addresses was provided. I can’t come up with many good reason why this information should be presented so readily.

Who is FreeBackgroundCheck.org?

I recently had to start over in life after a divorce and, though I had a home, I needed a new roommate. I put a few ads out on Craigslist, Facebook, etc. and got a handful of hits right away. I was particularly intrigued in a gentleman who responded to me through Facebook; I was able to look at his profile and could tell that we had quite a few things in common. I decided, just to be safe, to do a background check on him to make sure I wasn’t letting a creep into my home where my children would be coming to visit.

After a little online searching, I found FreeBackgroundCheck.org and it seemed like a very straightforward site with lots of search options so I gave it a try. My first clue should have been that I could not find any information on the site as to who the company behind the site was, where they were located, or how they started. Most companies will have an “about us” section where they proudly tell you about themselves and how they came into the business. I could not find anything about the company at all, even by searching on popular search engines.  

FreeBackgroundCheck.org Pricing and Available Plans

When signing up, I was offered 3 levels of access: 1 month of unlimited searches for $19.95/month, 1 week unlimited for $4.95, and just a single report for $29.95. I had a few people I could search if this gentleman wasn’t going to work out but I knew I would be making a decision within a week so I chose the 1 week option.

Nowhere on the sign-up does it say that the payments will auto-renew but I assumed it would, as this is how most of these sites work. I looked at my account and it showed my 7 day purchase and now listed it with the term “Trial” next to it. So, I dug into the Terms & Conditions and saw that it was a recurring charge unless you canceled the subscription. So, essentially, every 7 days it would charge me another $4.95 if I did nothing. I am pretty good at remembering to follow through on things like that so I decided it would be ok.


How to Use FreeBackgroundCheck.org?

My initial search took quite a while. I was willing to wait, though, because it showed that it was searching in many areas.


When the search was complete, it returned 54 results! I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad in my situation, though. I don’t know much about this person other than the information I can find on their Facebook profile that they used to contact me. Because I only had his name and birthdate, I looked through the list to find people that were about 29 or 30 years old. Quite a few entries were returned without a birth date but one entry said the man was 29, which would make him most likely to be the guy I was looking for.


I didn’t know any of his relatives or locations so none of that information was of much help to me but I could see how that might make a huge difference for others.

The report generated very little information. There were minimal details given beyond his name, date of birth, age and address.


It gave only one address for him and then listed 3 sex offenses. This immediately caught my attention and decided to look further into these. The link was clickable but only brought up his profile again; it did not give any information about the offenses themselves.


Below, there were two death records listed but upon looking deeper into them I realized that they were both for other people who had been much older.


5 email addresses were listed but 4 of them were associated with someone at a different address and the person had a different middle initial. The 5th result was, again, associated with a different address and I did not have faith that it was correct.

That is it, honestly… It didn’t give me any more information than that. So, I decided to look at other people that might be him. I asked the gentleman coyly where he was living currently so I could send him a lease agreement to review and he gave me his address. I used this information to make sure I had the right person and was surprised to find that it actually was the correct address but that it was tied to three separate profiles, one with the correct birth date, one older person and one person with no birth date listed.


I checked each profile out individually and the one with no birth date listed 90 (Yes, 90!) traffic violations, most of which were duplicates. It also listed the same 3 sex offenses and email addresses as the original profile. The older gentleman, who I would assume is my guy’s father, gave 5 addresses but listed the current address as the same which would suggest that my potential roommate was living at home with his parents at almost 30 years old. That doesn’t really bode well with me because I would assume he isn’t paying rent there and might not consistently pay me on time. The older gentleman’s profile also listed the same 3 sex offenses and 5 email addresses.

It was at this point that I decided to look into the sex offenses to see if it was even the correct person. Upon searching the state’s sex offender registry it turns out it isn’t even remotely close to the same person, having been born at a different time and living at a different address than any listed for either person. This is concerning because if someone was not diligently checking into the validity of the information provided they could easily accuse someone wrongly of a very serious crime and potentially really screw up a relationship.

I did find it nice that there was a menu on the left of the page that would let you search specifically for criminal records, arrests, court records, sex offender, and many more. If you were looking for specific information, this could be very helpful. All you have to do is click on how you want to search, put in the name and it brings up a bunch of results.

It also lets you search by phone number and address in case you didn’t have someone’s name and just that information. To test its accuracy, I searched my ex wife’s address and, though the house was in her name alone, it lists that house as owned by me and that I am married and the current occupant. That has not been my residence since we split 5 years ago.

How Good is FreeBackgroundCheck.org Data?

I had become very skeptical so I decided to check the validity of the rest of the information being provided by checking my own report. Four results were returned and all four were incorrect. They were someone in a different city with a different middle name and I was nowhere to be found.


I tried, instead, to search my maiden name and that finally returned some positive results. However, none of them were fully correct.


The most correct one listed an old address as the current and then listed two phone numbers that were landlines not connected with either address. It also listed 4 email addresses, 2 of which were incorrect and none of which were current and valid. This is only concerning because I currently have 6 active email addresses that I use on a regular basis for both business and personal effect and they are no secret online and on my small business’ website. The fact that they were not picked up shows a lack of information being reported.

How do I Cancel FreeBackgroundCheck.org?

I decided to immediately cancel my subscription. I didn’t feel like anything I found was trustworthy which made it pointless to search other candidates. It also made me feel like the company itself might give me trouble cancelling which was, sadly, the case. When I had looked up the Terms of Service previously I had noticed a link to cancel the subscription. I followed that link and was directed to a “Send Help Request” with a drop-down menu to choose “Account Cancellation” from. I added comments to let them know I wanted to cancel and then waited for an email in response.


The next day, I received an email apologizing for the lapse in reliable information, confirmed cancellation and assured me that I would not be charged further.


FreeBackgroundCheck.org Final Thoughts

Though FreeBackgroundCheck.org returns a wide variety of information, I did not find it to be accurate or reliable, which is very important to me. When it comes to background checks and sexual predator histories, it is important to be sure that the information you are being presented is linked with the correct person.

I was not able to get the information I desired from this search so I ended up having to sign up for a different search site that came much more highly recommended. At the end of the day, I only spent $4.95 so I wasn’t too upset about the financial loss. Lesson learned!


TruthFinder Review, 2020

Our Truthfinder Summary:  Out of all the various background check services we've tested, Truthfinder is the most accurate and offers some of the best data out there.

TruthFinder Overall Rating:

Visit Truthfinder Now:


  • Content, content, content! There were so many sections with information, direct links to social networks, and contact information.
  • All of the information was well organized and easy to find, with a navigation menu to help you get where you want to go quickly.
  • Not only were the social media links provided but they were expanded upon, showing recent content, user IDs, and profile picture.
  • The search produced information that went back over 15 years.


  • There seemed to be a few small incorrect links to social media as well as email and phone records but they were rather minor.


  • There were some pertinent bits of information that were left out, such as my schooling and various forms of contact.

Who is TruthFinder?

I stumbled upon TruthFinder.com as I was searching for answers. I had fallen out of contact with a good friend of mine when she moved across the country just after high school. I heard she had moved to California and started her family in Los Angeles but beyond that there wasn’t much known about her. I was going to be visiting Los Angeles for a business trip, so I decided to try to find her so we could connect while I was out there. When I searched Facebook, there were entirely too many people and no way to know which was her. I knew I needed help searching so I went looking for a really reputable site that could help. I found TruthFinder.com to be the best option.

As it turns out, their home office is located in San Diego, California. They’re a relatively new company, starting out in the spring of 2015, but perhaps that worked to their advantage. They seem to be focused on acknowledging information found in social media and making the most of the ever-expanding web of content and information that is available online. They make a point to let you know that they are keeping your information as well as your searches confidential, which is not something you find very often online these days.


I decided to search for my friend and it gave me a list of a few people who would match my search, each showing age, relatives, cities lived in, etc so I could choose the right person.


Once I chose my person, it did a very thorough search of any possible online resources, including social networks!



Visit TruthFinder

TruthFinder Pricing and Available Plans

The pricing and package options were very straightforward; $27.78/month if you wanted to take your subscription one month at a time or you could choose to start with a 3 month subscription for $23.02/month but you have to pay the 3 months ($69.07) up front. There were not confusing trial periods or hidden charges. They told you exactly what you received for the price and let you choose if you wanted to continue or not. I was able to view a sample report directly on the site and it gave me confidence that it would return the information I was seeking and help me locate my friend.


Once I got my report, I was very impressed! It gave me an incredible amount of information and it was almost like I was able to trace her life like a storyline from when she moved from Michigan and where she had gone since. There were still a few details I wanted so I decided to upgrade to get a complete report, called a “Premium Report Upgrade”.


It gave me access to additional details like business associates, professional licenses, corporate affiliations, prior addresses, properties owned, etc. for $17.47. I decided that it was worth the small cost and, with this additional information, I was able to track my friend down quickly!


In case you are intimidated by the price, they offer the opportunity to invite your family and friends to join and when they sign up you BOTH get a free premium report credit.


Also, for $2, it gave you the option to download reports as a .PDF file to your computer so that you could keep it stored or print it out. I opted not to do this but it was not much of a cost for an option that could be very convenient for some people.


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How to Use TruthFinder?

The TruthFinder report I received is by far the most comprehensive collection of information I have ever received. It is easy to understand, has a very direct menu of sections on the left that will bring you where you want to go, and it doesn’t make you click 100 links to get to all the information but, instead, organizes it neatly for you all in one place.

When you first open up the report, you are given step-by-step navigation to help you get around quickly and concisely.


Your “home page” is very nicely organized with the search bar at the top asking you simply for first and last name, as well as your state. All of your previous searches are saved below in a column that allows you to sort by most recently viewed, name, age, etc. There are quite a few applications where this could be very helpful.

When you open a report on someone, they not only list their name but also their birthdate, age, astrological sign and any known aliases. This proved to be the first step I needed in finding my friend. I realized that she had gotten married somewhere along the way and her name had changed, which explains why I didn’t find her on social media under her maiden name.

Directly below that, it matched possible pictures of the person which help you make sure you’ve got the right person. It had been 20 years but her face was the same and I could see from the pictures that she had children and grandchildren!


Her jobs throughout the years were listed as well as her education, from undergraduate to graduate degree work at various universities across the country. Not only did it list the school but it went as far as to tell you the degree area and the dates attended.

Relatives from both her family and her husbands were listed very clearly and each one gave basic information on each person such as where they lived and how old they were. Each one also had a link to let you look directly at their report and showed a drop-down list of each of the relative’s relatives. Once again, above and beyond what I expected.

I was absolutely blown away by the list of related links that I was presented with. Every type of social media I could come up with was listed and even some I had never heard of. I was able to directly connect via link to her Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc. Essentially, anything that she had been directly tagged in was listed.


What was most important to me was the phone number section. It provided every phone number she had been connected with throughout the years. Most sites only give you the number but this told you who the carrier was, if it was a landline or cell phone, if it was prepaid, the location, and whether or not it was connected. It gave me 4 options, one of which was listed as current and connected, and I was able to call and be directly connected to her. Now, I’m not shy but if you were trying to be a bit more discrete or cautious you could utilize the email address section and possibly shoot off an email quickly.

Previous addresses were also listed; basically, anywhere she had received mail at in the last 20+ years was shown. From businesses to home addresses, each was labeled as to its usage (business, residential, PO Box, etc) as well as whether or not it was deliverable and currently receiving mail. A map was very clearly displayed and let you see a visual representation of each location. The map was interactive and let you zoom in and out for perspective but I wish it would have enlarged so you could see it better.


Nearer to the bottom, it listed criminal record, driving infractions, and sex offender registration for both the person you’re searching as well as in relation to each of the addresses they were linked to.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also went into detail about her astrological sign. It told me things I basically already knew and offered me a compatibility test so we could compare our signs and see if we might someday fall deeply in love. As the likelihood of that is slim to none, I disregarded it. However, for someone who was searching information on a lover or someone they met on an online dating site this could be very helpful.


I did notice that they offered an Android app but, since I do not have an Android platform phone, it was of no use to me.

What I did find very interesting was that at the very top of the page you were asked to review the information, rating the quality of the content with a 5-star rating system and it also allowed you to flag the report as inaccurate. I would assume that this would be most helpful when researching one’s self.


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How Good is Truthfinder Data?

It was the information review that piqued my interest initially to search myself but I also wanted to make sure that the information I was getting on my friend was trustworthy. Not only did I search myself but I got a little carried away with friends and relatives. The unlimited searching can be a little addictive!

For the most part, the information I found about myself was accurate. It did not list a current phone number for me but it had about half of my email addresses and most of my social network information.

The LinkedIn section was very clearly off and I am assuming that it somehow linked to another person who has the same name as me, though that is uncommon. Because of that, my education background and work history was incorrect. I do not have a LinkedIn account so perhaps that is where the issue stemmed from.

I was incredibly taken aback at the amount of information the search on myself had amassed. I guess I didn’t realize how much of my information was being made public by social media venues. It even had a car accident that I had been in back 10 years ago because it had gone to court. It showed everything – the municipality in which the accident occurred, the date, the court case number, offense type and description, plea, status, and the final outcome.

All in all, I would say the information provided was about 80% correct.

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How do I cancel TruthFinder?

When I had made contact with my friend, I decided to cancel my subscription. I remembered at the sign-up I had been given a phone number to call so I went to search for that. To my surprise, under Your Account / Membership Settings it gave me the option to cancel online. It gave a quick drop-down list to select why you were cancelling the service.

I submitted my option and was then offered a discounted rate of $9.97/month to continue my account. I did not have any use for the service so I decided against it but it was very tempting.

Once canceled, it confirmed and said that I would still have access to my canceled subscription until the end date so I was able to continue throughout the month I had paid for.

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TruthFinder Final Thoughts

All in all, I was very impressed and quite happy with TruthFinder.com. Not only did it find the person I had failed to find through multiple other venues, but it gave me a wealth of information and ways to contact her. It was easy to use, well organized, and an overall very pleasant experience. I ended up paying just about $30 to find a long lost friend and it was absolutely worth every penny. We were able to connect while I was in town and this has changed both of our lives going forward.

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  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/Features
User Rating 2 (4 votes)



CheckPeople Review, 2020

  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/features


CheckPeople.com provides a simple, straightforward way to find basic information as well as criminal records and background checks. It is a cost effective and secure site that will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

User Rating 3.19 (64 votes)


  • Simplicity is key – the site was easy to navigate and the results were narrowed down so that you weren’t overwhelmed with too many options.
  • The comprehensive list of people you’ve searched is very nice. If you have searched someone with a generic name and had trouble finding the right person you won’t have to search through a long list again – you can go directly to the correct person.


  • The initial search to find who you were looking for before you signed up took a very long time. I was able to walk away for a few minutes and come back to a screen that was still loading.
  • Cancellation was a hassle because you had to search for the number to call and then wait on the line for a significant amount of time before being connected with a customer service representative.


  • There were quite a few times where a search would fail or stall, leaving me on a blank screen and forcing me to start over from scratch. If I tried to reload, it would do nothing. This could, however, have been caused by my browser or internet.

I was searching for a background check site because I was buying a car for my daughter from a gentleman in another city. I wanted to make sure that he was who he said he was and that he didn’t have a criminal record or anything else I should be aware of on his record. It seemed a little fishy when he requested that I give him a cashier’s check for the cost of the car so I did a background check just to feel more comfortable meeting up with him.

Who is CheckPeople.com?

When I looked into this background check company, I was pleased to find that the team who put together CheckPeople.com was founded in Palo Alto, California and has over 20 years of experience in running internet businesses. Their main goal was to help people make well-informed decisions by providing a wealth of information without breaking the bank. They did the best they could to make it affordable so that everyone could have access to information.

CheckPeople.com Pricing and Plans

As opposed to other companies I looked at, CheckPeople only had one pricing option. For just $1 you are given a 5 day trial of the site, after which you are billed $44.85/month. The trial gave you unlimited searches and there were no upgrades or hidden fees. If you cancelled within the 5 days you aren’t billed recurrently. Truthfully, you can’t beat that price anywhere else I looked!


I also found it reassuring that they made it clear in the text below your payment information what you were agreeing to. It was not an obscured link that you had to search out and find but was, instead, in plain sight.


How To Use CheckPeople.com?

When I began the search, it took a little while to load up the report but it showed a status bar alongside the many things it was searching. Not only did it search public records but it also searched a plethora of social networks for information. This showed me that they cared to look in as many venues as possible so they can get you any information they can.


It also went through a few security checks and made you agree to not misuse the information and confirm that you are not “a robot” by doing a captcha-style confirmation. Its nice to know that they are taking measures to keep data-mining bots out of the system.


The site offered you a few different ways to search – by name or by phone number. Once you searched, the results were listed and all potential matches showed age, location and relatives to help you find the correct person. This was especially helpful when you were looking for someone with a generic name.


At the very top of the page was an easy-to-use menu that let you tab between personal information, address history, related people, marriage/divorce records, criminal history, and sex offender records. Each section was very straightforward and told you clearly if no results were returned. The Sex Offenders section searched not only the person you looked up but also people nearby their current residence.


Above where the different sections are, there was a PDF download option which, for $1.99, allowed you the ability to download the results of any search you do in PDF format and save it forever on your computer.

It does seem that the background check function was the same thing as the people search. I didn’t notice any difference between the two.

How Good is CheckPeople.com Data?

Because I’m a cynic, I wanted to make sure the information being provided to me was correct and trustworthy. I searched myself and a few people I know well to see how accurate the results were and found that it was mostly correct. There were a few discrepancies peppered throughout but nothing significant.

I have been married and divorced and I was surprised to see that was not reported when I looked myself up. There weren’t any marriage or divorce records for anyone I searched across the country. Of course, some states do not report that information, while others make those records public and searchable.

When I reverse searched my own phone number I found it linked to my maiden name, which has been changed for over 7 years. I will say, however, that the handful of other numbers I reverse searched did come up with correct information from which I was able to search the people they were linked to.

I also happen to know that I have 3 sex offenders living within a half mile from my house. As any mother would, I’ve looked this information up independently on online sex offender registry sites. None of this showed up on my own background check, which makes me weary that the same might be true on other reports I searched. Perhaps the radius is less than a half mile, though. If it was only looking at direct neighbors it may not have come up with anything.

When you visited the “My Home” tab at the top you were taken to a place where you could change your password and assess your membership status. It also gave you a comprehensive list of the people you have searched with a direct link to their report so you don’t have to do all of your searching from scratch.


How do I Cancel CheckPeople.com?

To cancel this subscription, I had to do a little more work than I expected. There was no readily available option to cancel your subscription. I looked in my “My Home” and under “Update Account Information” but found nothing. I scoured the site and finally, buried deep in the terms and conditions, found that you could cancel your account by calling a toll free number. Upon calling, I was directed by an automated system to wait as all representatives were currently busy. After about 10 minutes of mildly-pleasant classical music, my call was finally answered. A sweet lady named Elaine asked why I was canceling, offered me a discounted subscription rate of $14.95/month if I wanted to continue, and then gave me a cancellation verification number and told me to look for an email. Most sites I’ve encountered in the past let you cancel online with just the click of a link and answering a question as to why you were canceling the service. I found the phone call and subsequent wait to be rather tedious but ultimately effective. I wasn’t harassed and I felt like I was able to accomplish my cancellation

CheckPeople.com Final Thoughts

Compared to other sites, CheckPeople seems to be focused on simplicity and ease of use. It provides you with the data you need without a bunch of hassle. It is generally correct and thorough, which is ultimately what was most important. In my search, I didn’t find any sort of criminal record or red flags that would breed mistrust. The last thing I would have wanted to find was that he had a history of fraud! True, the information doesn’t go into much detail but it was sufficient for what I was trying to do. I’m sure that more in-depth information would be more costly and I was trying to avoid spending a bunch of money if it wasn’t necessary. CheckPeople was the perfect tool for me and I will surely be back next time I need to do a little research.



InstantCheckmate Review, 2020

  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/Features


The information I acquired through InstantCheckmate has proved to be thorough and correct, making it invaluable to me. It blows the competition out of the water with the user-friendly interface and high level of commitment to accuracy, providing you a ton of information in an easy-to-navigate format.

User Rating 3.67 (3 votes)


  • The interface was very easy to use, visually appealing, and was very direct. You didn’t have to search around for what you wanted because there was a guide on the left side of the page that let you quickly jump to whatever section you were looking for.
  • When the report is generated, the site guides you through a few steps showing you where to find pertinent information, how to navigate successfully, and just general suggestions to make your experience easier. I found this to be very thoughtful and helpful.
  • The ability to flag information as incorrect is a nice bonus. It shows that the company is concerned about the validity of their information which made me feel much more confident in the information I was receiving.
  • Canceling the service was simple and easy. In the account settings, I pressed the link to cancel account, it asked me why I was canceling, then it offered me a discounted price to stay. The discounted monthly price was $9.97/month, which is a tempting offer but I decided to cancel anyway.


  • The time it took to search seemed excessively long. There must have been at least 6 screens showing that data was loading in the process of procuring a report and that was before you ever paid for the service. After you paid for the service, the searching was instantaneous which makes you think that maybe the beginning wait was just a way to create suspense and get users invested emotionally in the search process.
  • The price was a little steep for me, considering other sites offer background checks for less. It was only after I signed up that I was made aware that there was a premium option that was an additional fee. All in all, I paid a little over $50 for information that proved to be invaluable so it was an ok trade off, in my opinion.
  • If you had the need to use the service for an extended period of time they offer a discounted price for 3 months but unfortunately they only offer this if you pay the entire price up front. With the automatic renewal, this would mean that you are charged $83.47 every three months and if you accidentally forgot to cancel the service it could be quite the hit to your bank account.

Who is InstantCheckmate?

InstantCheckmate found its beginning in 2010, originally serving as a resource for people to search online-dating prospects. This was around the time that online dating became popular and, unfortunately, more and more fraudulent profiles were being created. Of course, people needed to be able to trust who they were talking and InstantCheckmate provided them with the resources they needed to validate that the person not only was who they were claiming to be but also that they didn’t have any glaring negative marks on their record that they may not be admitting to. From there, they expanded to serve people on so many more levels. Ultimately, they seem to have made it their goal to make the truth accessible to anyone, from the basics like contact information all the way through criminal records and sex offender status.

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InstantCheckmate Pricing & Plans

I stumbled across InstantCheckmate was because of a gentleman I met on a Caribbean cruise . We got along fantastically and started to spend quite a bit of time together. He seemed very sweet but, for the sake of being thorough, I decided to do a little background research.

When I searched his name, I was offered two package options. The first was a 1 month of unlimited reports for $34.78/mo and the second was $27.82/month if you signed up for 3 months at the very beginning.


I chose the 1 month because I only really needed to search one person and didn’t think I would have an ongoing need for the services. I made sure to check out the billing details, as denoted by the asterisk and found that the membership would automatically renew after 30 days unless cancelled.


Upon entering my details, I submitted the form and was taken to a screen that offered the option to download my reports to my computer, print or send reports to friends. If I hadn’t been paying attention, it would have been very easy to press the big green button to continue but I chose to continue without the ability to download them.


I’m sure it is a very convenient option for people that don’t mind spending a little more money.

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How to Use InstantCheckmate?

Once I was all signed up, it pulled up the report and gave me little tips and helpful tidbits of information to help me make the most of my search. It showed me where to find features and offered an upgrade that would reveal a deeper level of information which, to be honest, I didn’t think I needed until I read his report.

Everything seemed pretty normal at first – contact information and relatives were sparse and there wasn’t much of a social media presence reported. A little further down things got a lot more interesting. There were a slew of charges against him noted, beginning with underage drinking, fraudulent license plate tags, driving without insurance, driving while license was suspended, etc. Then, the fraud charges. Not only did he have charges against him referencing Financial Identity Fraud but also a Felony Larceny!



Needless to say, I immediately paid for the premium membership so I could access more information, It offered civil judgement, professional licenses, weapons permits, and much more.


At this point, it was mostly curiosity that drove me to dive deeper and it didn’t prove to be that much more beneficial. Most sections that were provided by the “premium” function were blank and said returned 0 results. Despite the lack of more information, I am incredibly glad that I followed my intuition and checked into him! There is no way, knowing what I know now, I would let this man into my life.

When the website said that they have a wide variety of information that was suited to anyone, they weren’t kidding. The report showed basic contact information, possible relatives, birth date and other known names for the person. Something I haven’t found with other search sites is that gives you pictures associated with the person you’re looking up. This gives you the peace of mind to know that the person you’re looking up is the correct person. If you didn’t know the person already and had only met them online it would give you a helpful visual representation of the person so you can put a face with a name.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they provide you with as many connections to social media profiles as are known. It shared a direct link to the person’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a handful more. From my report, I was able to look through these social profiles, all of which were pretty clean. This didn’t benefit me directly but if you were searching someone you met on a dating site this would be incredibly helpful because most people use their social profiles to express their personal opinions on a wide variety of topics. You could potentially get a good sense of someone’s personality before investing too much time into conversation.

Another feature that might be of assistance when considering dating someone would be the birthdate and zodiac sign matching. Whether or not you believe in the Zodiac as truth or just regard it as entertainment, it is interesting to look into. All you do is enter your birthdate or choose your Zodiac sign and up pops a compatibility report with a detailed result with suggestions of how you might interact and how to best navigate your relationship for optimal results.


With potential pitfalls as well as ways to avoid them, this is a very helpful tool for people pursuing a relationship. Apparently this gentleman and I would be a great match… if he wasn’t a liar and a fraud who spent his days taking money from naive people who trust him.

In my experience, the criminal records were what proved to be the most helpful. Each offense was listed separately with the booking date and location. Not only did they outline the offense but gave you an expandable menu that let you see deeper. It gave you a case number and the charge type, detailed offense code, criminal code, arrest disposition showing whether they were arrested or released, disposition date, and court where the offense was dispositioned. With the case number in hand and the county location you should be able to either locally obtain a report on the offense or pay for someone else to procure that information for you online. If they were arrested, it gives you the offense they were arrested for, the type and level of arrest, and the sentencing start date.

The location information would also be a very helpful section if you were trying to find old friends. Not only does it show their most current reported location but also any past known locations and the time period they lived there.  A premium function furthers this search because it lists possible neighbors for this person and their address. Each one gives you the option of doing a report on them which would provide you with their contact information and their criminal record. If you wanted to get a character reference for someone and weren’t afraid to do a little cold-calling this would be a great resource. This resource would also prove very helpful in a situation where you were sending a child to a friend’s house to play; You could look into the neighbors to make sure it was a safe neighborhood and that there weren’t any pedophiles living next door.

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How Good is InstantCheckmate Data?

Something that is very important when you’re looking someone up online is that the information provided is accurate and reliable, especially in my situation when I am making a character determination on someone who is essentially a stranger to me. The last thing you want to do is falsely accuse someone because of a search that provided you with misinformation.  So, to be sure, I searched myself and a few close friends. It showed a handful of correct relatives, 5 email addresses (only 3 of which were correct), and almost every address I’ve ever lived dating back to when I was in primary school. It pulled up one traffic violation but, truth be told, I have a few more that weren’t shown. It pulled up 8 social media profiles for me, two of which were completely empty and were nothing I had ever intentionally signed up for. As for criminal offenses, I have a clean record so I had to look up someone I knew that had a misdemeanor to see if it was reported and was pleasantly surprised to show that the information was accurate. The same proved true for the most part on the other people I searched. To the best of my knowledge, the information was correct and thorough.

The amount of data available on InstantCheckmate was much more than I expected. It covered all of the major categories and branched into the social aspects of people. It provided information that would be helpful for people searching for any reason, be it personal or professional. I do, however, wish it gave you a little more information on the person’s education. It listed “some college” for one friend but nothing for me despite completing a bachelor’s degree and having a few professional licenses to my name.

Something I’ve never experienced on any other search site is the option to flag information as incorrect, rate information by how helpful it was, and the option to leave comments. You are allowed to anonymously leave a comment about a person or the information provided which would be very helpful if you were reviewing your information and found something untrue.


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How do I Cancel InstantCheckmate?

After the cruise docked back in port, I decided to cancel my membership. I hadn’t met anyone else worth searching and had no use for the service. The cancellation process was quite simple; just a short form with a few quick questions. Upon submitting the form, they offered me a discounted price of $9.97 to keep my membership which, if I had use for the service, I would definitely have taken advantage of.


My cancellation was confirmed and they let me know that I could still use the service for the remaining month that I had already paid for.

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InstantCheckmate Final Thoughts

I have used background search sites before with varied results but InstantCheckmate has been one of the more well-organized collection of resources and gives you a more diverse selection of types of information than other sites. It went above and beyond by linking to social media accounts and providing pictures of the people you were searching. The reports were intuitively designed and it seemed as though they had thought of everything that the end-user might need. When it comes to peace of mind and security, it is important to know that your results are accurate and thorough and that is exactly what I found with InstantCheckmate. If I ever have the need to research someone in the future I will definitely be back because I know that I will get the results I need.

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Been Verified Review, 2020

  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/Features


Been Verified incorporates a wealth of good features and manages a seamless blend of tech and old fashioned leg work that gives you a wealth of info and the ability to dig really deep.

User Rating 2.49 (53 votes)


  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive standard search
  • Tech savvy


  • Option for non-digital searches


  • “Premium” databases don’t always deliver much more

Who is Been Verified?

Founded in 2007, tech-savvy Been Verified is based in New York City. This fast-growing company has one of the most popular background check sites on the market. Started by a pair of young entrepreneurs, Been Verified now has more than 50 employees, over 100,000 subscribers and boasts 10 million visits each month.


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Been Verified Pricing and Plans

One feature that sets Been Verified apart from many other in the field are the apps available for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches or Android devices.

Expensive if all you need is a single basic search, Been Verified’s three-tiered monthly subscription schedule gives you a break the longer you sign up for – $22.86 for a month, $14.86 a month for three months and $9.83 a month for six months. Though pricey for a single search, Been Verified gives you far more info than some other sites and could be the better choice depending on how important it is to get the answers you’re looking for.

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How to Use Been Verified?

Been Verified does a great job of meeting its deceptively simple goals of providing the most info for the best price quickly and painlessly. This is an excellent site if you’re doing your first background check. It’s a site that practically takes your hand and leads you through the whole process, often answering questions you haven’t even thought of yet.

I’d recommend this site if you’re attempting to perform your first background check.

Clean, uncluttered webpages make using Been Verified almost second nature and the site displays results in an easy-to-read format with an option for downloading an equally straightforward, printable PDF.

Sign up

Been Verified’s sign up process is a breeze and, as an added bonus, a painless and comprehensive tutorial on the do’s and don’ts of private background checks. Even better, the sign up process provides a number of surprising and helpful suggestions on who you might want to check out and why – from locating the long lost relative of a seriously ill friend or checking to see if those misdemeanors you committed in junior high have been properly removed from your records.

Standard search

The site’s standard search is so extensive, notably including criminal info, that it’s likely you’re not going to need to pay extra for a deeper search.

The standard search turns up public phone numbers, email addresses, a residential history, immediate relatives (noting those who are deceased), any imposters, available educational and professional info, social media presence, photos, criminal and traffic records and bankruptcies.


At every step, Been Verified politely and conscientiously reminds you what you should and should not be using the info for. It also goes a step further, providing a number of testimonials which detail the many uses for background checks.

Premium data

This feature is just as easy to use as the rest of the site, pretty much clicking on a single button to quickly update the report (for a fee of course) with more educational, employment, financial, and contact info.

Social media monitoring

There is also an option for monitoring any changes in the social media presence of someone you’ve searched for.

Reverse phone lookup

Is just what it sounds like it is: enter a phone number in the search field and find out who it belongs (though only if it is a public number).

Customer service

Been Verified goes out of its way to make it easy to get help, staffing a call center 7 days a week and providing ample online assistance. Unusually for a website, the “Support” section under the Help heading at the bottom of the webpage actually provides useful info on how for DIY tasks like cancelling your subscription, explaining why you’re having trouble with your search, downloading an app or using a specific browser.


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How Good is Been Verified Data?

Results on the searches I performed were nearly universally quick, accurate and comprehensive. Searching for one of the roommates I shared a flat with in San Francisco more decades ago than I care to remember, not only turned up all the current info for him I could’ve hoped for, but also that apartment address in SF as well and several email addresses, too. Searching with premium data unearthed limited employment data, an additional phone number and the fact he once had a pilot’s license (who knew?). A self search revealed that, no, I was never arrested on some of those nights in San Francisco that I don’t remember so good and a very old satellite photo of my current residence.



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How do I Cancel Been Verified?

Cancellation was so simple I forgot I’d done it! I had to go back and double-check myself. Here’s how it works: simply call customer service (1-888-579-5910) or email: support@beenverified.com.

Visit Been Verified

Been Verified Final Thoughts

I’d have to say you’d need to look around for a while to find a better value than Been Verified, especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of searches over several months. Although some sites charge considerably less for a single search you might want to consider Been Verified if that single search is a really important one – in the long run you could end up paying more for criminal and financial records on another site than if you’d just signed up for one month on Been Verified.  

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Intelius Review, 2020

  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Support
  • Interface/Features


Intelius is a resource that allows you to search for information about an individual privately and securely. With a high accuracy rating, you can trust that the results are as thorough as it gets.

User Rating 0 (0 votes)


  • They seem genuinely interested in knowing how to better their service.  They have a floating “feedback” bar on the right side of the site that opens up a quick questionnaire asking what you liked and didn’t like and how they could do better.
  • The site lets you search by name, phone number or email, which opens up a lot of options for how to use the service.
  • The results were propagated quickly; I didn’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the search to load information.
  • The mobile app is very helpful for reverse searching phone calls that you don’t recognize.
  • There is a tab at the top of the page entitled “My List” which shows you people you add to your list,, which keeps the information at your fingertips  for as long as you have the service.


  • To get more than just the one criminal background check you are given with your membership you need to upgrade your account.  This is an additional $19.95 per report, which seems expensive compared to other services that allow you to do unlimited background checks for around $40/month.  If you were needing to do multiple background checks this service might not be the best one for you.
  • Background checks are only available when you purchase them and after you close out of them they are gone.  They should be available for continual access on your profile since you paid for the information.
  • I wish there had more contacts listed in connection to the person I was searching.  It seemed like there should have been more people associated than there were.

Recently, I was contacted by a woman who claimed she owned a local photography business that I had never heard of.  She was looking for someone to collaborate on a creative project with.  The concept was interesting to me but it almost sounded too good to be true so I decided it was in my best interest to verify the identity the person contacting me to make sure they were someone I wanted to spend a significant amount of time with.  I looked online for the highest rated research company and stumbled upon quite a few but the one that stuck out to me was called Intelius.

Who is Intelius?

Intelius has been around since 2003 and specializes in information and interconnectivity of people throughout the world.  Located in Bellvue, Washington, they are fully integrated both online and on mobile devices so you can use them at home or on the go with your smartphone.  I also noticed that they were rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, you know you are going to get detailed results and top-notch customer service.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing that opens doors and sheds light on who people are but it is not always thorough and what is presented online is not always reported correctly or fairly.  Intelius offers assurance that you can’t get other places because they boast access to billions of public records each year.  That, paired with noticeably fast servers, gets you reliable data quickly.

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Intelius Pricing and Available Plans

There are, of course, many companies that offer similar services.  They have all been reviewed many times, both by vetted news corporations as well as thousands of individual user reviews.  All too often, human nature is to only leave a review when you have something you need to say which generally is when you’ve had a negative experience so I had no trouble finding a plethora of negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. However, this is consistent with all of the other businesses I looked into that were similar.  Ultimately, people did not read the fine print when they signed up and were complaining about so-called ‘hidden’ charges.  Intelius had the same public response as did others like US Search, NetDetective, and InfoRegistry.  

I looked into a few of the comparable companies and this is what I found.  With US Search, I was able to access a full background check for a discounted rate of $29.95 as long as I agreed to have OmniSearch, a $19.95/month subscription, along with it.  The OmniSearch function would be free for 2 days but you had to remember to cancel it.  NetDetective was simplistic looking and felt cold; very basic and rudimentary.  It offered a discounted rate of $4.95 for a 5 day trial version which renewed to a $29.95 monthly fee.  Finally, InfoRegistry was also rather basic in nature.  None of the results of my initial search matched the name to the location and a $29.95 subscription only promised that a report MAY include all the information I was looking for. The site seemed broken because when I clicked to see a sample report the page appeared jumbled  and when I inquired into the “Terms of Service” it lead me back to the home page and did not give me the information I needed.  With Intelius, I noticed that you can do a simple search if you’re just looking for a way to contact someone or you can look deeper into their history by doing a background check.  From this standpoint, Intelius is the clear winner.


I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of finding the person I was searching for.  All I had to do was enter their first and last name along with the city and it immediately returned the correct result.  There, in front of me, was the person who had contacted me.  I was presented with 3 options – 1 month for $14.95, 3 months for $9.98/month, or $7.48/month for 6 months.  Because I was only searching for one person, I opted for the one-a-month plan.  It was a little more expensive but it included the background check that I wanted so I didn’t mind paying for it.  

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How to Use Intelius?

As soon as I put in my payment information I got immediate results!  It was a detailed list of where she lived (both past and present), relatives, contact information, and even gave detailed market value information of her home.  I used my free background check for her and was able to look to see if she had a criminal record, any infractions or offenses, and so much more.  



Front and center, there was an interactive map that linked to people and locations that the person is closely tied to.  You can click on any of those bubbles and explore the information that is given on them.  

It also gives you the option to upgrade the membership and run a criminal background check on the person which, for me, wasn’t necessary but could be helpful for others using the service.  

Another really neat feature was the map showing exactly where the person lives.  It gives a bird’s eye view of the home and breaks down the estimated market value and other property details.  Again, this didn’t seem to matter much to me at first but it could have changed my opinion if she had lived in a really rough neighborhood as I was potentially going to be spending a lot of time at her home.  To be honest, I don’t know if I was excited or disappointed to find nothing questionable in her background check.  While it didn’t note any criminal offenses or civil court records it also had a disclaimer noting that some records may not be digitally accessible and that the results may not include all types of civil cases. I was relieved to know that the person I was searching wasn’t a convicted felon but I question that maybe there is something not listed.  It also had no education or employment records for her, nor did it reference any social networks.  

When I signed up for the Intelius Premium membership I was offered a free-of-charge social media assessment called TrueRep.  The idea is that they survey your social media presence and show you how it looks to others and how you could potentially improve it to make it more appealing to people, including prospective employers or business relationships.

They also have a smartphone app that lets you reverse-search phone numbers.  All you have to do is copy the number from your recent missed calls, paste it into the search and it will actually pull up a decent amount of information on the person, including their name, age, address, work, other forms of contact, social media profiles, and even relatives.  Each section is expandable, so you basically get a full breakdown on the person.  


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How Good is Intelius Data?

To verify that the information I was being given was correct, I decided to go rogue and see if there was a facebook profile that might give me more information and, in fact, there was.  Her business page linked back to her personal page and I was able to view a decent amount of information through that avenue. None of this information was available through the Intelius, search, which leads me to believe information is potentially being missed.

I installed it and logged onto the mobile app with no trouble at all and, though I didn’t necessarily think I needed this function, I have used it quite a bit!  I tested it out on a coworker, asking for her phone number and punching it in.  It not only provided me with her name but also her husband’s name and her address!  I searched a few calls that I had screened recently and found them to be local people.  A few of them linked to possible social media profiles.  I was more confident calling them back because I knew who I was talking to.  I booked two photo shoots that I would not have otherwise booked because they had not left a message and I would not have called them back blindly.  Because I had the information to know who I was talking to I felt comfortable connecting with them, which is a huge perk for anyone who might otherwise shy away from answering or cold-calling unknown numbers.

However, when I went into the TrueRep section it was locked and asked me to verify my identity, which it said it could not verify.  After working with a customer service representative, I was able to sort out the issue and review my online reputation.  As it turns out, I’m not very influential when it comes to social media but I’m ok with that. However, this could be a really powerful tool if you utilize your social media presence to market your business online.  It also gives you tools to help you improve your reputation score, which is above and beyond what I expected from this free perk.CaptureVisit Intelius

How to Cancel Intelius?

When I had searched to my heart’s content I decided to cancel the subscription.  I was surprised how easy the process was!  There was a simple form to fill out denoting why you were canceling your subscription and then they confirmed that you would not be billed further.  It was that simple!


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Intelius Final Thoughts

With all the searching I did, I didn’t find much. This is a good thing, though; The last thing I wanted was to find out that she was a felon or had other strikes against her.  Of course, no online inquiry is going to have all the information and ultimately they are all searching the same pools of public data. The fact that it did not find any felonies or negative remarks on her or her business  was reassuring. Because of what I found (or, perhaps, didn’t find) I felt comfortable working with her.  I later inquired about her phone number because the one given for her did not match what she had used to contact me and she had no idea who that phone number belonged to.  

If I had to rate the service, I would give them a 5/5 for price, 4/5 for accuracy, 5/5 for support and 5/5 for interface and features.  All things considered, this website saves you a significant amount of time and frustration and gives you mostly trustworthy results quickly. I was sure to leave a positive review online.

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