Reverse Address Lookup

Find out who lives at Almost Any address!

Until recently, uncovering information on the inhabitants of a home with just a street address was almost impossible. Although street addresses were listed along with names and phone numbers in physical phone books, directories were organized by last name or business name so connecting a physical address to a name simply couldn’t be done in any particle way. That’s no longer true, thanks to the reverse address lookup.   

A reverse address lookup, or reverse address search, is the act of finding information about the current residents, former residents, or property owner of a home or business using a specific street address. 

How to perform a reverse address lookup

Just type in a complete address, including the house number, street name, zip code, and city name in the prompt in order to perform a search. 

What information does a reverse address lookup deliver?

Essentially, with a reverse address search, you get a full address history composed of information from public records. A standard reverse address will return the following details about the people living within the home:

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Phone numbers

  • Age

  • Relatives

  • Criminal records

  • Previous addresses

  • Social media accounts, including Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter profiles

  • Physical information about the home, including:

    • Square footage

    • Number of bathrooms

    • Number of bedrooms

    • Estimated home value

    • Local area code

    • The year the home was built

The amount of information that can be uncovered with a single street address is surprising: another marvel of the age we live in.    

Why use a reverse address lookup?

Although it may seem a bit invasive to perform a reverse address lookup, there are plenty of practical reasons why it’s a smart thing to do. A standard Google search, or a search using a similar search engine like Bing, simply won’t deliver the information that you are looking for. 

Here are some of the ways that a reverse address search can make your life easier:

Vet your new neighbors

When someone new moves into the neighborhood, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to know some basic information about them to ensure that they don’t present a threat, particularly if you have children. With a reverse address lookup, you can get background reports on the people that live around you, or if they are a registered sex offender. Although the likelihood is slim, confirming that the person does not have a criminal past is important for peace of mind. 

Verify the information in your address book

Perhaps you have a wedding on the horizon and want to confirm that the addresses attached to names in your address book are up-to-date. Or maybe you just wish to reconnect with an old friend or family member that you haven’t spoken to in a while and can’t locate on social media sites. A reverse address lookup can help you find people again and make sure that the address connected with that person is still correct. 

Learn more about a home that you want to buy

If you are in the market for a new home and drive past a “For Sale” sign, it's understandable to want to learn details about the home, as well as the names of current and past owners. Many reverse address lookup tools can give you a home’s square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the year the home was built. 

Uncover information about the neighborhood

With just a street address, you can learn more about the neighborhood in which it is located, including information about local businesses, schools, and local demographics. You can even perform a location search on your state’s sex offender registry website to see if there are registered sex or violent offenders living in the area. If you are anticipating a move to the neighborhood, this kind of information is crucial for understanding more about its general characteristics.