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Wyoming Public Records

Wyoming has the second lowest population density in the nation and also one of the shortest public records statutes.   The state of Wyoming tries to make it easy on its citizens by making access to records simple and open.


Wyoming Public Records Laws

Wyoming public records are governed by state statutes §§ 16-4-201 – 16-4-205.  The law says that public records may be requested by “any person” and that they do not have to name the reason for the request.  Public records covered by the law include any materials created by the state of Wyoming, including any of its counties, agencies, or municipalities. The law covers the executive and legislative branches of governments.  Any public agency must make records available upon request, through a reasonable process and at a fair cost.

Exceptions to the law (what you can’t get) include:

  • Materials made confidential by court order
  • Medical records
  • Adoption records
  • Personnel files
  • Trade secrets
  • Library records
  • Exam materials
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Security-related information
  • Investigatory records

Wyoming Criminal Records, Arrest Records and Background Checks

Background checks in Wyoming are handled by the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).  A report will show all arrests and convictions in Wyoming as well as in the Western Identification Network (WIN), which includes seven other states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.  An employer can request these records on current and prospective employees.  Anyone can pull one of these reports on themselves but not on someone else.  All background checks must be done through a fingerprint card, not just a name search.

Wyoming Jail and Inmate Records

If you are searching for an inmate who is being housed by the Wyoming Department of Corrections, you will be able to determine where they are currently incarcerated, the specific conviction, a projected parole or release date, and a physical description with a photograph.   This information can be obtained through  To search, you should know the persons Offender ID or their Last Name and First Name.

Wyoming Court Records

Court records in Wyoming for both criminal and civil court cases can easily by obtained by signing up for the online Public Access to Electronic Court Records (PACER).  Anything not available on PACER should be pursued with the particular court the case is being heard in, and you can research that through the state administrator of the courts.

Wyoming Vital Records

Vital records in Wyoming are obtained through the Wyoming Department of Health.  This is for more current records and certificates, such as birth, death, marriage and divorce.  The requirements for each and how far back they can go depends on the particular certificate

Birth Certificates: The state of Wyoming began issuing birth certificated in 1909.  After 100 years, the certificate becomes public record and can be viewed at the State Archives.  Otherwise, birth certificates can only be obtained by the registrant if they are at least 18 years old, either parent, a legal representative or legal guardian.

Death Certificates: Similar to birth certificates, death certificates were not issued in Wyoming until 1909.  After 50 years, they become public record, and you can view them at the State Archives.  Otherwise, access is through the Department of Health and certificates can be obtained by immediate family members, lawyers, estate executors, and insurance companies.

Marriage Certificates:  Marriage certificates in Wyoming have always been issued by the counties, and this continues today.  Beginning in 1941, the state also began to issue marriage certificates.   After 50 years, all of these become public record and be researched at the Archives.  Otherwise, State-issued certificates can be obtained through the Department of Health and others through the county of origin.

Divorce Certificates: Wyoming has only been issuing Certificates of Divorce since 1941.  After 50 years, these become public record and can be researched through the Archives.  Otherwise, either party to the divorce or their lawyer can make a request through the Wyoming Department of Health or the county of origin.

The state of Wyoming only issues certified copies of certificates for events that occurred in the state of Wyoming.  To receive any of these certificates, you should mail your request with a personalized check to their office in Cheyenne.

  • Updated September 11, 2018
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