The Bayou State’s top school districts are spread out all across its confines, great school systems are located in the Baton Rouge area, the New Orleans metro area, and other regions further west. Owing to its old world influence, Louisiana is the only U.S. state whose political subdivisions are referred to as parishes, and many of its school districts are named after the parish in which they are based. As a whole, the state’s school districts have steadily improved in recent years.

Louisiana's highest ranked school district is Zachary Community School District, serving Zachary, LA, a city located 15 miles north of capital city Baton Rouge. Founded in 2003, ZCSD was named the #1 district in the state for a remarkable 11 years in a row through 2016, and continues to grow faster than any district in the state.

The #2 school district in the state is West Feliciana Parish Public Schools, based in St. Francisville, LA, and serving parts of other surrounding communities, as well. Unique for a public school district, West Feliciana requires all of its students to wear uniforms. The district’s schools regularly excel in both academics and athletics on the state level.

St. Tammamy Parish Public Schools places third among the state’s districts. In 2017, St. Tammamy once again maintained its “A” rating given by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Hit hard by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, Plaquemines Parish School Board has overcome adversity to be named the state’s #4 best school district.

Rounding out the top five is Ascension Parish School Board, a large system of 27 schools based in Donaldsonville, LA,.

Top School Districts in Louisiana, 2018

State RankSchool DistrictState
1Zachary Community School DistrictLouisiana
2West Feliciana ParishLouisiana
3St. Tammany ParishLouisiana
4Plaquemines ParishLouisiana
5Ascension ParishLouisiana
6St. Charles ParishLouisiana
7Livingston ParishLouisiana
8Vernon ParishLouisiana
9St. Bernard ParishLouisiana
10Allen ParishLouisiana
11Bossier ParishLouisiana
12Ouachita ParishLouisiana
13Lasalle ParishLouisiana
14Calcasieu ParishLouisiana
15Lafayette ParishLouisiana
16Beauregard ParishLouisiana
17Jefferson Davis ParishLouisiana
18Vermilion ParishLouisiana
19St. James ParishLouisiana
20Cameron ParishLouisiana
21Grant ParishLouisiana
22Lafourche ParishLouisiana
23Terrebonne ParishLouisiana
24Acadia ParishLouisiana
25Rapides ParishLouisiana
26Iberville ParishLouisiana
27Lincoln ParishLouisiana
28Jefferson ParishLouisiana
29Desoto ParishLouisiana
30St. Mary ParishLouisiana
31Sabine ParishLouisiana
32West Baton Rouge ParishLouisiana
33Iberia ParishLouisiana
34St. John The Baptist ParishLouisiana
35Winn ParishLouisiana
36Assumption ParishLouisiana
37West Carroll ParishLouisiana
38St. Martin ParishLouisiana
39Caldwell ParishLouisiana
40Evangeline ParishLouisiana
41East Baton Rouge ParishLouisiana
42Jackson ParishLouisiana
43Richland ParishLouisiana
44Washington ParishLouisiana
45Catahoula ParishLouisiana
46Pointe Coupee ParishLouisiana
47Avoyelles ParishLouisiana
48Webster ParishLouisiana
49Orleans ParishLouisiana
50Tangipahoa ParishLouisiana
51Bienville ParishLouisiana
52Caddo ParishLouisiana
53Natchitoches ParishLouisiana
54East Feliciana ParishLouisiana
55Red River ParishLouisiana
56Concordia ParishLouisiana
57City Of Monroe School DistrictLouisiana
58St. Landry ParishLouisiana
59Union ParishLouisiana
60Franklin ParishLouisiana
61Morehouse ParishLouisiana
62City Of Bogalusa School DistrictLouisiana
63Tensas ParishLouisiana
64Claiborne ParishLouisiana
65East Carroll ParishLouisiana
66City Of Baker School DistrictLouisiana
67Madison ParishLouisiana
68St. Helena ParishLouisiana


The following contributed to the ranking: student performance (math and reading test scores), dropout rates, school funding, and area poverty rates. Data was collected from a total of 9,577 school districts.

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