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PeopleSmart is an identity smart search engine that gives users the ability to look up information by entering a person’s name, phone number, email address, or social media handle. The website is as easy to use as any search engine. Users simply enter the information they know and receive a list of records that match. 

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  • Easy-to-use site
  • All search results are returned in an organized fashion
  • Information is scored and ranked by data confidence levels
  • Users have the ability to save searches and recall them at any time
  • Users can monitor a record for changes and receive updates when it occurs
  • The user dashboard is a centralized location for information 


  • Searches will likely return multiple records, which can be tough to sift through
  • Background check services are not available
  • The site won’t return any criminal records or criminal court records 


  • There were a few discrepancies on the information provided but nothing major.

What is PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is an identity smart search engine that gives users the ability to look up information by entering a person’s name, phone number, email address, or social media handle. The website is as easy to use as any search engine. Users simply enter the information they know and receive a list of records that match. 

More specifically, users can conduct:

  • Name searches
  • Email searches
  • Reverse phone look ups
  • Social media look ups

What is PeopleSmart used for? 

PeopleSmart is also a great tool to use for professional reasons. Some people use the platform to: 

  • Find existing or former colleagues to network with
  • Extend sales reach by looking up professional contacts you’ve met 
  • Bolster customer records by filling in missing pieces of information
  • Learning more about prospects 
  • Understand people and their motivations to buy

What other features are available to PeopleSmart users?

PeopleSmart users can run a search several different ways. A person can enter a first and last name, a phone number, an email address, or a social media username. When you conduct a search, you’ll not only have access to records, but also additional features like: 

Recent reports

With a subscription, you can keep track of the searches you conduct. All of your searches can be found on the dashboard under recent reports. By clicking a report, you can review the record again and even obtain a pdf file of the record. Reports can be removed from the list too, by using the Edit list tool. 


A subscription provides the ability to monitor up to 10 reports. A user will receive an email notification if any monitored record is updated or changed. The feature is easy to activate, simply click a button that says “Turn Monitoring On” to start receiving updates. Records searched by name, phone, or email can be monitored. 

Account information

The user dashboard has easy-to-find account information. It provides your member ID, email, order history, and gives you the opportunity to update personal information. 

24-hour support

PeopleSmart provides 24 hour support to its users. Customer service can be reached by phone or via a contact form. 

What shouldn’t PeopleSmart be used for? 

PeopleSmart shouldn’t be used to conduct a background check or obtain a background report on someone. It doesn’t provide criminal records or court records. It shouldn’t be used to judge a person’s eligibility for employment or learn any kind of financial information like a person’s credit score or debts. 

How accurate is the information provided by PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart pulls data from multiple public records to provide the most accurate information possible. Records are updated constantly to maintain this status. 

When a user conducts a search, several records will likely show up. Records are ranked by PeopleSmart using data confidence scoring. Simply put, the best matches are on the top with other “high confidence” records listed next. 

Users will see these labels on their search results. For example, when a name search is conducted, several possible phone numbers could be returned. The system will rank and label the best match with “Best Phone Number Match.” Additional rankings like “Best Email Match” or “Higher Confidence” are provided as additional guidance for users. 

Of course, there are ways to ensure more accuracy during a search. How? Provide as much information as possible. For example, a name search can be conducted with a first and last name, but by adding a city and state, users will see more accurate results. The same applies to other searches. When searching social media handles, for example, add the social platform like Facebook or LinkedIn to garner more accurate information. 

Whenever possible, add more details. Even if the information known is outdated, enter it anyway to narrow the results. 

What is the pricing for PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is an affordable tool to use. Users can sign up for a 7 day trial for just $1 by entering their credit card information. After your 7 day trial, you will be billed $29.99 plus applicable sales tax per month.

The company makes a point to work differently than other people search engines that provide a bait-and-switch tactic where search results provide minimal information and an upgrade is necessary to get more in-depth details. 

Do people know that users are searching for them?

Whether a user is looking for a potential client they met at a networking event, all searches are confidential. The person you’re looking for will not be notified of the search. 

Can I search for people who live abroad?

All of the records on PeopleSmart are for the United States only. 

What if I search for my own records and don’t want the information to be public? 

PeopleSmart respects your privacy. If someone searches their records and finds false information or simply doesn’t want their information to be public, you can request to opt out. To do so, you can read about the opt out process and send an email to support@peoplesmart.com for any additional support questions. 

Is a free people finder better than a paid one?

There are some people finders that are free of charge and others that charge for information. Which one is better? It all depends on what you need it for. If you’re simply looking for a lost friend’s phone number, this one-time need is probably best suited for a free search. If you want to find more in-depth information that’s packaged in an organized fashion, and plan to use the platform with some consistency, a paid site is the way to go. 

In truth, most sites – even those that claim to be free – charge to access information. Users might be able to run a limited number of searches for free or access basic contact information, but for anything beyond that, expect to pay. 

Do all people finders source their information from the same place?

Most sites that provide information about others do so by way of public records. However, some sites pull data from multiple sources to enhance accuracy. Most sites will explain how their data is found, curated, and presented to users. It’s a good idea to research this information before paying any membership fees. 

Are there alternative ways to find information on people without paying for it? 

The short answer is yes, but it’s time consuming and often less accurate. To conduct a people search without the help of a paid search tool, you would do a lot of searching online and compile your own data set. To do so, you would likely start with a simple Google search, followed by searching social media channels. You can sift through public records, visit the county clerk to conduct a search, and call old friends or relatives to learn more. 

Obviously, this takes a large time commitment. Rather than source information from various places, many people prefer to use a people finder like PeopleSmart and access the information instantly. 

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