50 Top Firearm Blogs of 2013

Gun laws are the subject of ongoing analysis nationally and in individual states, where most United States citizens have the right to apply for concealed carry permits.  Crime and violence take center stage on the evening news though, so arguments about guns are not going away.  To support their positions, passionate gun enthusiasts put forth opinions about safety and constitutional rights, while opponents point to growing numbers of gun crimes resulting in harm to children.  Wherever they fall on the gun control spectrum, people are engaged in spirited discussions about gun ownership, concealed carry laws and criminal justice outcomes for perpetrators using guns.  In addition to activists, there are also large numbers of firearm hobbyists who simply use the World Wide Web to share information and ideas about guns. The following examples include those typical of the gun and firearm blogs driving today’s political debates, as well as recreational blogs devoted to firearms.

Photo by Greta Caresini on Flickr

Photo by Greta Caresini on Flickr

  1. The Firearm Blog – Committed to firearms, rather than politics, this site includes several daily postings about guns.  The informational resource is centered on firearms and accessories, providing reviews and information about new products.  Home and personal defense products are also discussed, illuminating equipment and tactics for the best individual defense.  Ammunition, custom firearms and auctions where guns are sold also draw significant coverage from writers on The Firearm Blog.
  2. Gun Nuts Media – People are interested in guns for different reasons.  Some are curious, with little experience handling firearms, while others are confident with their knowledge of guns.  But the often overlooked reality is that people use guns recreationally, for hunting and competitions too.  Gun Nuts Media is devoted to firearm sports like target shooting and the equipment sportsmen use to participate.  Product reviews for rifles and target guns are included in regular posts, as well as historical looks at important firearms and events in the world of shooting sports.  Articles also look at prevailing gun news, providing analysis for readers interested in the legal side of gun ownership.
  3. 30 Cal Gal – Guns have a masculine association that sometimes brings men to mind when firearms are considered, but this blog puts to rest any sexist leanings tied to weapons.  The blog is maintained by a competitive long range shooter named Anette Wachter, who also happens to be female.  She carries a great deal of credibility in the sport, as a member of the United States Rifle Team and an NRA record holder shooting from 300 yards.  She competes in tactical rifle events as well as those involving multiple guns.  Her blog chronicles her adventures in the sport, inviting readers to accompany her through competitions via her regular blog entries.
  4. GunPundit – The name of this blog gives clues to its content, which is less about sporting issues and more about politics.  Posts are recaps of items taken from the news, with personal commentary provided by authors whose positions are decidedly pro-gun.  Legislative stories from around the country, including Colorado’s recent recall initiative and news about a Wisconsin gun manufacturer are supplemented with gun-related product announcements and human interest stories about firearms.
  5. The Weapon Blog – There is something here for everyone interested in guns, whether for sporting purposes or as a social issue worthy of exploration.  Recent articles include coverage of constitutional developments in the gun control argument, following Justice Scalia through recent comments he made about the future of gun laws.  Obama administration policies are also explored, with an eye toward preserving gun rights for Americans.  The lighter side of firearms is also enjoyed from a hobbyist standpoint, including a recent feature highlighting a new brand of vodka that is marketed in a machine gun shaped bottles.  The site demonstrates its commitment to Constitutional law by including links to documents drafted by the founding fathers.
  6. View From the Porch – VFP is a multi-faceted site reflecting the interests of the administrator, which run toward bikes and guns.  Articles look at social issues as they emerge in the news, providing analysis of how they mesh with civil rights and gun laws.  The blog is maintained by an Indiana woman who is a gun enthusiast and target shooting hobbyist.  Her entries are regular, and not always about guns, but there are tidbits throughout that relate to firearms and social policies about them.  The site has been active for 8 years, chronicling developments in gun culture and taking jabs at the Obama administration.
  7. Vuurwapen Blog – This highly technical blog looks at practical issues related to gun ownership and maintenance as well as self-defense equipment and methods.  Recent product reviews include an expanded analysis of several commercially available oils and lubricants for firearms.  The site administrator supports his opinions with examples from the field, as he does in all of the reviews and product evaluations found on the site.  The technical information has been offered here since 2009, and supports a training course offered by the author.  First-aid and other related topics are explored alongside firearms and gun training.
  8. Traction Control – Traction is a news blog not entirely devoted to firearms, but guns and related issues make their ways into the content regularly.  Articles cover gun-control events like rallies and speeches, informing readers about actual outcomes.  Gun-related security updates, including news from high-profile court cases, are included alongside posts about militias and personal defense.  The opinions expressed seem to support the call for gun rights, often taking issue with Obama administration actions and other gun control initiatives.
  9. The AnarchAngel – This security blog provides information and advice about personal and home security, including entries about firearms and their defensive uses.  The site also contains recommendations about computer security and ways to protect personal information.  The commentary is not organized in a particular order, and posts are interrupted periodically by random photographs and other musings of the authors.  There is factual evidence presented to back-up most of the claims made by Chris Byrne, the blog’s administrator.
  10. The Next Chapter – The site’s title refers to the author’s retirement, which prompted him to share his thoughts in blog entries.  The site maintains an extensive list of archived entries, each dedicated to a particular type of firearm.  The entries are thoughtfully written from a first-hand perspective, showing the user’s familiarity with the weapons he evaluates. Lots of concealed carry weapons are reviewed, as well as holsters and accessories for safe and effective gun safety management.  Some historical weapons are included in the commentary, which also stimulates readers to consider the future of personal security.  Recent entries also dissect Obama administration policy, especially as it relates to criminal justice and gun control. 
    Photo by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

    Photo by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

  11. Advanced Armament Blog – The blog entries here assume readers have a better-than-average knowledge of firearms, including entries dedicated to modifications that can be made to stock weapons in order to make them more lethal or better handlers.  Military style tactical weapons seem to be featured most prominently in posts, which also look at accessories like silencers, scopes and night vision equipment.  Cutting edge weaponry and gunsmithing techniques provide frequent blog topics at Advanced Armament, but new product releases and stories about killing wild game with tactical guns are also regular features.
  12. Day at the Range – The information contained here focuses on the machinery, rather than the thought-provoking political discourse present on other blogs.  The site administrator is more interested in sharing practical information with gun owners, including recall information and updates about new product releases.  Ammunition and other gun accessories are also evaluated in posts that feature new loads and discuss venerable stalwarts like the .44 Remington magnum.  Industry news from firearm manufacturing circles keeps readers on the cutting edge of emerging gun technology, and informs gun enthusiasts about research and development into the next great weapons.  Recent reviews include in depth looks at revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.
  13. Armed and Safe – There is no question about the intentions of these blog organizers, who place their mission statement front-and-center.  Gun rights advocacy is at the heart of the site, with many blog entries featuring themes about gun control.  The blog seeks to dispel myths about guns, supporting American citizens’ fundamental rights to carry guns for protection.  Regular updates about changes to individual state concealed carry laws keep readers informed about application requirements and legal ramifications of concealed carry.  Legislative activities in the House of Representatives and Senate are followed closely in blog entries, as well Obama administration policies toward firearms.
  14. Learn About Guns – Readers are faced with volumes of information about guns as they navigate this legal-oriented blog.  The organizers present information from a gun rights perspective, supporting Constitutional rights and legal self-defense.  The blog sets out to shatter myths about gun crime, by providing examples of lawlessness occurring without guns.  Facts are presented statistically, to reinforce the tales of successful self-defense conveyed on the site.  Other myths about gun sellers and patrons of gun stores are challenged from the perspective of traditionally maligned groups, like minorities.  Basic gun knowledge is present in abundance, alongside reviews of firearms and related accessories.  Links to pro-gun articles help support the advocacy endorsed by the site.
  15. Defense Review – The contact contained here might fly over the heads of casual readers without much previous firearm exposure.  Blog entries detail new equipment releases and provide up to date information about product accessories that are available for modern firearms.  Guns are reviewed, including feedback returned directly from the range.  Tactical equipment including survival gear and other high-tech attire are also put under the microscope in product reviews testing their functional performance.  Many of the items featured are very specific to the weapons they are used with, so not every article is light reading.
  16. Good Hill Press – Like many gun rights blogs, this site takes up conservative causes alongside the call for preserving fundamental constitutional rights.  The wide-angle view presented includes analysis of national policy issues and legal developments related to national gun control and criminal justice.  Recent posts discuss whether or not gun registration automatically opens the door to discrimination against gun owners and concealed carry applicants.  National stories also include features about sovereign security, like exploration of weapons of mass destruction and other political hot-button issues.
  17. Shall Not Be Questioned – The backdrop for this blog is constitutional law and the fundamental right to defend oneself.  The information provided by bloggers looks at laws currently on the books and the Obama administration’s push to impose greater gun control on American firearm owners.  Close scrutiny is paid to incremental developments, which contributors to this site feel are only the beginnings of total gun confiscation.   Whether readers agree with the possibility or not, the legal information provides food for thought and a refresher course in constitutional politics.
  18. Gunner’s Journal – Entries pay homage to the Model 1911, calling it America’s first handgun.  The gunner behind the site is a former police officer who worked more than twenty-five years on the job.  The blog bundles several of his interests into a single outlet for opinions and information.  Shooting, history and computing capture the interests of the retired cop turned blogger, who is also a certified firearms instructor.  Posts are not made frequently, but there are archived information present detailing previous posts, which includes gun reviews and discussions about accessories and related topics.
  19. Guns, Holsters and Gear – Gun enthusiasts are quick to share information about gun successes and failures, commenting on newly released weapons and accessories.   The material contained in this blog is a compendium of such information, evaluating guns and equipment as they find their ways to the market.  While the blog’s title covers three of the biggest concerns for gun lovers, the entries go beyond these three mainstays, providing reviews and information about other gun related equipment too.  Cleaning kits and ammunition are put to the test by reviewers, who share their opinions about value and efficacy of gun products.  Tactical arms and gunsmithing modifications are also discussed in recent posts.
  20. NRA Blog – Everyone captivated by an interest in firearms or by the laws surrounding gun control and concealed carry eligibility finds something of interest in the NRA blog.  The powerful organization is at the center of heated national debates about guns, but NRA members are also sportsmen and women interested in news about guns.  The blog shows the reach of the organization, highlighting contests and philanthropic efforts of the group.  Law enforcement sections, and other blogs maintained strictly for hunters and sportsmen round-out the articles present, including those dedicated to youth education and firearms training for hunting-aged teens.
  21. An NC Gun Blog – Ordinary citizens are eager to spread news and information about guns.  This blog is maintained by a hobbyist who is expanding his own understanding of firearms and sharing his revelations along the way.  Many of the posts challenge the gun control mentality, favoring constitutional protection instead.  The site is based in North Carolina, so content includes full coverage of state gun bills and legislative proposals.  Links are also present, to other blogs offering opinions and information about guns.  Articles tackle sensitive gun subjects like school security and background checks, stimulating active responses from blog readers.
  22. All Nine Yards – The host of this blog vows to hold nothing back, and when it comes to commentary about gun laws the site doesn’t mince words.  Regular posts keep tabs on gun legislation in states and in Congress.  Open carry, concealed carry and other legal issues are tracked through the court system, providing updates about changing gun laws.  The site also conveys news of gun recalls and other news from manufacturers about new releases and accessories.  Recent posts also touch on personal security topics like keeping your home safe and avoiding becoming a carjacking victim.
  23. Another Gun Blog – Legal cases and details about gun legislation are shared here by a law clerk who is a self-described gun nut.  Self-defense laws and other weapons-related controversies are followed with regular posts flavored with the host’s legal perspective.  Additional information about stand your ground laws and other state initiatives related to guns and personal defense are shared to keep readers informed about what is happening around the country, especially the East coast.  Equipment is also put under the microscope, with pictures and reviews of handguns.  Supreme Court cases and famous historical figures are quoted to support articles favoring constitutional rights.
  24. A Girl and Her Gun – This blog represents grass roots gun enthusiasm to show how firearms are integrated into the regular daily life of a female gun owner.  Posts are not all about guns, containing personal stories and articles from guest, but there is a common thread present throughout the content found here:  Personal responsibility.  The underlying mantra behind the site is to be prepared, regardless of your station in life.  In addition to firearms, the blogger advocates proficiency in other self-defense methods like hand-to-hand combat and using knives.  Stories about other gun enthusiasts and inspirational accounts of successful self-defense round out the articles posted on the site.
    Photo by Chris Gladis on Flickr

    Photo by Chris Gladis on Flickr

  25. God, Gals, Guns, Grub – Stories from the shooting range provide details about firearms handling, cleaning, and safe storage.  The organizers of this blog are committed to keeping citizens safe by sharing information about personal protection with guns.  Posts are filled with tips and instructive details about handling guns in real situations, as well as practicing with them at the range.  Equipment updates about guns, magazines, grips and other firearms accessories are also included in regular posts, featuring specs and test results for various pieces of equipment.
  26. Borepatch – Personal reflections about firearms and related issues furnish most of the content of this blog, but it is a personal journal more than it is a hard gun-news resource.  The author is a dedicated gun rights advocate, passing common-sense observations on to readers.  Stories detailing things people encounter in regular situations are dissected for their political and sociological implications, in an approachable and straightforward way.  Internet security information and safe firearms handling techniques are shared free of charge, keeping readers up to speed in both areas.
  27. Cocked and Loaded – The gun-rights message is heard loud and clear in posts contained within this conservative political blog.  While the politics behind the site are one-sided, the information contained in posts is dedicated primarily to the facts about firearms. Articles include updates about equipment and personal endorsements from contributors attesting to the quality of certain firearms.  Advice includes entries about which guns are the most important to own for particular situations and why.  Prepping for social unrest and other practical gun-related discussions include embedded YouTube videos detailing strategies for staying safe in society.  Larger security issues are also contemplated in features about national policies.
  28. Everyday No Days Off – Wide-ranging gun discussions are centered on equipment and laws influencing public opinion about firearms.  Open carry laws as well as concealed carry legislation are covered in recent posts, which advocate for gun rights. Combat news is also included in some posts, outlining developments in current military hotspots like Afghanistan and Syria.  Articles follow gun stories through the news cycle, offering updates about gun charges and other developments about people’s experiences with firearms.  Posts are supplemented with videos and photos appealing to gun enthusiasts, including recent entries containing footage of gunners blasting away at inanimate objects.
  29. From the Barrel of a Gun – The content here represents another personal blog about guns, offering insight and opinions from gun enthusiast contributors.  Commentary is not limited to firearms, instead tackling conservative topics that fall across the legislative spectrum.  Updates about state laws and changes to federal policy are examined with an eye toward their impacts on constitutional gun rights.  Practical tips about gun ownership are also included, like the four cardinal rules of gun handling and other useful information.  Timely posts draw headline news into the discussion, providing commentary about social and political milestones.
  30. Gun Free Zone – Despite a title that might lead readers down the wrong path, this blog is not an anti-gun destination.  On the contrary, the administrator chose the name to be ironic in his advocacy for constitutional gun rights and preserving each American citizen’s position to defend him or herself.  The pro-rights blog follows the development of a man who once believed guns were not necessary pieces of protective equipment.  As his viewpoints develop, readers are invited to share his posts and offer comments.  News stories involving guns are shared by the author, who looks for ways gun violence can be avoided.
  31. Newbie Shooter – Gun news and commentary is provided here by a relative newcomer to the shooting debate.  Contributing authors discuss ongoing issues within the gun-control camp, exposing inconsistencies with the arguments control advocates put-forth.  In addition to getting behind gun rights initiatives, the author supplies updates about court cases and gun related outcomes within the legal system.  In one recent post, he lists the contact information for key legislators involved in gun control debate, encouraging readers to make their pro-gun opinions known to elected officials.  The Newbie behind the blog wants to support others who are just getting familiar with firearms, even offering to take people to the gun range to try shooting.
  32. No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money – The organizer of this blog borrows lyrics from a popular Warren Zevon some to stimulate interest in his site.  Any news with a firearm component is fair game for the site, whether centered on legal issues or weaponry itself.  Recent posts discuss the shortage of ammunition, illustrating that it is an international phenomenon rather than one only impacting United States gun owners.  The series of posts includes video footage provided by ammunition manufacturers showing the steps they are taking to alleviate the ammunition problem and continue meeting demand.
  33. The Truth about Guns – Gun rights and self-defense are explored here with posts keeping tabs on legislative developments and gun stories in the press.  As news developments are followed, contributors offer opinions about how cases and bills are being handles.  Questions are posed hypothetically, to dial in potential solutions to ongoing problems of gun violence and personal security.  Recent posts ask pressing questions about society and guns, like:  “Should Starbucks employees be allowed to carry guns?”  Robert Farrago, who maintains the blog, also publishes practical self-defense tips and recommendations for steering clear of criminals.
  34. Gun Noob Blog – The information shared by contributors to this blog is designed for shooters in the novice to intermediate categories.  Gun reviews are abundant, with particular attention paid to handguns used for personal protection.  Reviews focus on whether particular guns are good choices as first weapons, rather than attesting to their general usability.  Safety standards for handling guns and general firearms information are maintained in another section of the blog, providing solid answers for beginners confused by the breadth of information (sometimes conflicting) about guns found on the internet.
  35. – This gun-friendly blog is maintained by a 22 year Navy veteran with an interest in firearms and gun laws.  The name references the fact that most of the blog entries are contributed by the female site owner, who is a self-described tomboy.  Information contained on the site delves deeply into gun rights issues with personal stories and updates about pending legislation.  Readers, especially women, appreciate the series of links provided for other gun=related sites maintained by female gun enthusiasts.  Lil Chantilly, the woman operating the blog is a contributor to other online gun resources as well.
  36. We Like Shooting – This resource is dedicated to all aspects of firearms and shooting, with particular attention going to equipment reviews and practical guides for becoming better shooters.  Legal developments and sociology of gun culture is also discussed, but the bread and butter areas of the site are devoted to equipment reviews and other practical tips.  Survival methods and tactical considerations are also abundant, offering proven strategies from qualified contributors.  Posts are arranged in accessible sections, allowing readers to target specific information, and the content addresses a wide range of experience levels among enthusiasts. Recent posts in the tips section provide opinions about what might be the best carry gun for women, as well as an entry describing 4 basic shooting rules.
  37. Nobody Asked Me – Contributions made here are homespun offerings stemming from the personal experiences of the site’s administrator. A recent entry, for example, chronicles his own exploration of three different ammunition rounds.  The information provided is first-0hand, from experiments conducted at the range.  The author enlists the help of additional reviewers, who accompany him on research trips.  The blog’s owner, W. Emerson Wright is a retired Navy pilot with interests in writing and shooting, combined here in his informative personal blog.
  38. Black Man with a Gun – Kenn Blanchard maintains this blog, with leanings toward preserving gun rights.  Reverend Blanchard is an author and broadcaster, as well as being a counselor to children and a leading gun rights activists for more than twenty years.  He has testified before Congress about gun laws, as well as appearing in several state legislative houses lobbying for gun rights and constitutional protection.  As a man of color, Reverend Blanchard is particularly interested in curbing gun laws seen as racist.  To that end, he has been a regular contributor to documentaries and broadcasts a regular podcast that has been downloaded over one million time to date.
    Photo by Pal Joakim Olsen on Flickr

    Photo by Pal Joakim Olsen on Flickr

  39. Loose Rounds – This technical blog speaks to gun enthusiasts with technical updates about guns and equipment.  Articles include straight-up reviews as well as product release information issued by manufacturers.  The blog is broken into sections containing targeted discussions about survival, personal safety, and firearm maintenance.  Editorial opinions are also shared by contributors passionate about gun causes.  Extensive comparisons are provided, keeping readers ahead of firearms developments, and alerting gun owners to recalls and other manufacturer news.  A recent pot discusses the stopping power of various handguns, putting forth unique arguments about the wounding power and effectiveness of certain guns.
  40. The Spent Round – This blog contains general information about firearms, including commentary about gun laws and education.  Recent posts discuss state legislation pertaining to gun control, as well as outlining the findings of a Harvard study linking gun control to no reductions in violent crime.  After limited exposure to guns during his youth, the site administrator was away from them until 2012, when he reintroduced shooting into his repertoire of interests.  His site features an interesting section defining anti-gun terms for readers unfamiliar with the argument. 
  41. Armory Blog – All things related to firearms are addressed by equipment-oriented blog entries found on the Armory Blog.  New guns and accessories are placed under the microscope for evaluations by experienced handlers, but novice viewpoints are welcomed too.  Recent guest posts include a primer about proper gun storage tips for beginners.  News, reviews and opinions take the form of practical commentary, alerting readers about new products and gun-related services.  Gear reviews focus on where deals can be found purchasing the latest and greatest gun accessories and firearms.
  42. The Gun Wire – Blog posts on The Gun Wire come in the form of YouTube videos, which include lots of footage taken at gun ranges.  The idea is to present first-hand verification about the performance of certain firearms.  Entertainment value is high in some videos, when enthusiasts take powerful handguns to range to shoot at watermelons and other dramatic targets.  On the site’s home page, readers can easily access links to news stories that go hand in hand with postings found in the blog.  The archived section of the site provides opportunities to click on historical dates to see exactly what the gun headlines were for specific dates in history.
  43. Romeo Tango Bravo – Reviews of firearms and accessories are conducted for interested readers, including those that look at newly released and even pending releases in the firearms category.  Guns are broken down into categories, like bolt-action, semi-automatic and other classifications before being reviewed.  Recent comparisons posted on the site contrast several left handed guns available for sale, providing handling details and product specifications.  The Rugar American Rifle, a newly released rimfire gun, was the site’s featured review recently, offering a wealth of information about the new gun.  Authors and firearms experts are invited to contact blog administrators about providing reviews and guest posts for the site.
  44. Armed Candy – Another resource with content provided primarily by women who enjoy guns, this blog covers wide-ranging topics that emphasize women’s role in gun culture.  In fact, the site administrator works with other female gun bloggers to strengthen their message. While the content on the site is varied, there is an emphasis placed on information helping shooters become more accurate and consistent with firearm performance.  Fun features, like a daily “whatsit”, challenging readers to identify an odd object, add a lighthearted feel that helps break-up the dense technical content associated with guns and ammunition.
  45. Guns and Ammo Blog – This perennial force in the firearms publishing industry provides gun news through its online blog channel.  Posts cover breaking news in the firearms industry, including first looks at new guns and accessories.  Reviews are also conducted at the range, complete with footage showing exactly how guns perform there.  Personal protection is the main gist of the content contained here, but articles cover just about anything related to firearms.  Television and Hollywood connections are not overlooked, with features about TV shows like Sons of Guns and analysis of weapons used in movies like World War Z.
  46. Massad Ayoob on Guns – This blog is maintained by a famous personal defense expert with experience handling guns.  The analysis is deeper than many online resources, because Mr. Ayoob takes the time to expand his points over the course of several articles contained in series’.  His gun blog is featured on a site containing related information about survival and alternative lifestyles.  A recent series of posts by Mr. Ayoob looks at the far-reaching implications of the George Zimmerman verdict and the potential ramifications associated with the not-guilty outcome.  Gun types are also compared to determine which models are most effective under given circumstances.
    Photo by Iqbal Osman on Flickr

    Photo by Iqbal Osman on Flickr

  47. Pistol Training – When handled by untrained civilians, handguns can be more dangerous to their owners than they are to criminals.  Pistol Training offers insight into weapons handling that centers around safe storage and interaction with concealed carry handguns.  Guns and accessories are evaluated as they come to market, featuring expert analysis about features and design enhancements they contain.  In addition to costs and performance measures, advice is offered about situations in which particular guns would be found most effective. Videos, some taken at gun ranges, illustrate the concepts discussed in articles posted to the site, including correct positioning and movement for accurate firing.
  48. Walls of the City – As is the case with many passionate gun blogs, information posted here is not exclusively devoted to firearms.   Many entries are concerned with civil liberties issues and other societal trends worth commenting on.  But gun content is present for enthusiasts, some of which is classified under the “reviews” section of the blog archives, where individual firearms are evaluated for effectiveness.  The section is not limited to guns themselves, but also includes reviews of holsters, sites, handgun grips, and a host of other accessories coveted by gun lovers visiting the site.  Other blog sections include general posts, and those not necessarily linked to guns.
  49. My Gun Culture – In addition to shooting tips and basic information about firearms handling, entries provide reviews of guns and shooting products.  Reviews are broken into sections, each dealing with an accessory like holsters, cases, scopes and so on.  Ammunition and attire are also analyzed, to provide up to date information about available, and effective, products. The site’s owner, Tom McHale offers his own insight, flavored by a career as a marketing specialist, on prevailing topics like gun control, concealed carry laws, self-defense and just plain old sport shooting.
  50. The Gun Shots – This resource serves as the online mouthpiece for Outdoor Life magazine.  Practical articles are presented, covering a wide range of topics, from proper shooting posture to suitable gun recommendations.  A recent post, for instance, advocates for the use of 20-gauge shotguns as personal home defense weapons rather than the 12-gauge guns generally recommended for the purpose.  News from around the gun manufacturing industry is highlighted too, including news about companies moving their facilities and releasing new products.  Articles clearly favor gun rights, addressing readers from the sportsman crowd who are most likely to be proponents of constitutional gun rights.


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