50 Best Law Enforcement Blogs of 2013

Crime news fills newspapers and dominates nightly news broadcasts, but these are not the only sources of relevant police information.  Too often, the perspective of enforcement officers is left by the wayside, as sensational crime stories focus on perpetrators and victims.  But police have a lot to offer beyond cleaning up other people’s messes.  In fact, many individual officers and some law enforcement agencies maintain blogs that keep interested readers informed about criminal justice, and offer recommendations for improving personal safety.  The following examples highlight a few of the interesting police blogs found on the World Wide Web.

  1. Think Different – Kristen Ziman is a Commander with the Aurora, IL Police Department, in charge of the Patrol Division.  She operates this blog as a personal outlet for some of her thoughts about criminal justice.  She carries credentials to back her police credibility, including a Criminal Justice Degree and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management.  She has participated in numerous other training programs as well, and is a graduate of the prestigious FBI Academy.  Her work leading to her current position as Commander included stints with several divisions within the force.  The articles presented on her blog offer insight into criminal behavior, attempting to teach readers how to remain safe and avoid becoming victims.
  2. The Police Perspective – The introduction of this is blog is immediately engaging, comparing the positions of police officers to those of hated minorities.  The notion is used to illustrate that men and women in blue are somehow easier to judge harshly than regular citizens.  It is an interesting hypothesis that the blog’s author, Joel Shults, supports with first hand evidence.  He attributes the phenomenon to several societal conditions including, media coverage, power envy and the actions of hate groups targeting cops. Shults posts infrequently, but the thought-proving entries are worthwhile for the unusual perspective they provide.
    Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr

    Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr

  3. Second City Cop – As should be immediately apparent, this blog is maintained by a Chicago Police Officer.  At least it was, before he retired, so now it is a former police officer pulling the strings to inform readers about police issues in the Windy City.  The content is general commentary, but slanted toward Chicago happenings.  The author provides insight into problems facing the Chicago Police Department, devoting an entire section of the blog to his take on the Chicago force.  A recent article, for example, lambasted an attempt to cut the department budget by 10% next year.
  4. The Enforcer’s Notebook – The author of this blog voluntarily gives up his right to remain silent, instead offering musings about police work.  Stories convey the details unfolding at real police calls, each seasoned with the blogger’s first-hand police perspective.  They are presented sporadically, with no rhyme or reason, but the officer behind the content manages to post monthly or so.  The Enforcer is unapologetic about the content found on his site, inviting readers to get lost if they don’t like it.
  5. Officer “Smith”:  Thought From Behind the Badge – Officer Smith is a seasoned police enforcement agent with more than thirteen years on the job.  “Smith” is an alias, and he is known to work somewhere in California.  Aside from these tidbits, readers must simply take the content of his blog at face value.  Articles focus on issues arising during the course of service, ranging from ways the officer has helped civilians in the past, to notifications about laws on the California books that readers might not be familiar with.
  6. Officer Resource – This unique compendium of articles is different than many police blogs, which offer information about cases or policies.  This site is maintained for the officers themselves, by police enforcement officials who know where cops are coming from.  Secure forums provide places for law enforcement professionals to exchange information with other cops, where only officers are allowed to participate.  There is also a case law reference section provided for police officers visiting the site, so they can consult legal precedent for information about their own active cases.  Officer safety is another key concern of the blog administrators who are devoted to promoting true blue causes.  Investigation tools are also furnished to help officers clear cases, especially rookies seeking guidance from experienced officers.  The site serves as a conduit for public engagement where officers interact with citizens in positive ways.
  7. SGT Says – Run by a volunteer reserve police officer, this collection of articles shares stories taken from 35 years of police experience in public and private law enforcement.  Entries discuss shootings, riots, protests and real life accounts of what happens on police calls.  Common enforcement weapons are also discussed, including Tasers, batons, shotguns and handguns.  Discussions are frank and to the point, covering news stories and other social conditions through the eyes of an experienced law enforcement agent.  Practical information is also present, like a recent series of posts dealing with disaster preparedness.
  8. Motor Cop Blog – Motorcycle officers are a unique breed, bringing their two-wheeled perspective to this blog administered by a California motor officer.  Topics are drawn from the news, including recent analysis of the Zimmerman case and other high-profile criminal justice events.  The site advocates for law officers and looks at current events through the lens of working police officers.  Motor Cop also responds to questions from readers of the blog in a regular feature entitled “Ask MC”.  A recent response helped a reader understand Miranda rights and the role they play in criminal justice.
  9. A Police Wife – Spouses of law enforcement officers are represented here, benefitting from the targeted information presented at A Police Wife.  Blog entries follow news articles, commenting about those which impact wives of police officers.  Human interest posts, like a recent call for police patches to replace some lost by a child, provide lighter topics for readers.  Interested visitors to the site are invited to complete online polls and to participate in research studies.  Posts are somewhat sporadic, but there are also links to other blogs which update more frequently.
  10. Cop Thoughts – Provocative posts to this blog stimulate readers to look at everyday situations through the eyes of a police officer, fostering better civilian understanding of what law enforcement officers face every day on the job.  Pointed entries are directed at the public. Presented in conversational ways that inform readers about laws and the differences between police officers and regular citizens, the thoughts are not filtered or toned-down.  Sarcasm and irony are used by the officer/blogger to drive home points about how citizens can make the jobs of cops easier.  While the tone is not for everyone, some readers will experience “light bulb moments” as they read the content provided.
  11. Written on Her Heart – Maintained by the spouse of a police officer, articles presented here touch on a variety of issues impacting police wives.  The site is divided into several categories, many of which do not relate to police work.  The section called Police Wife collects all the posts dealing with issues overcome by law enforcement families.  Advice helps readers tackle common practical matters that impact police, like what to do with the kids when dad has to work overtime for a developing case, and how to communicate with your police officer husband.
  12. Discover Policing – Helping match law enforcement candidates with employment opportunities for officers is a prominent objective of this blog.  Weekly job posting are included as regular posts, enabling visitors to peruse nationwide job openings for law enforcement personnel.  In addition to job openings, articles presented on the site furnish in-depth looks at criminal justice, including a recent entry that followed a school resource officer as he performed daily duties associated with his liaison role.  Education and what it takes to land a good job as a cop are also discussed in recent posts, asking the question: “Do you need a criminal justice degree”?
    Photo by Robert Thivierge on Flickr

    Photo by Robert Thivierge on Flickr

  13. From Cop to Mom and the Words in Between – Kathleen A. Ryan is a retired police officer turned mother whose interests now lie primarily in writing and publishing.  She does maintain updates related to police work, and her novels reflect police themes gleaned from years on the job.  Posts are arranged in categories, including a section covering police-related articles.  The topics in the police section vary, taking some themes from prevailing headlines, but also looking into historical criminal justice concerns.
  14. Improving Police – This former police chief’s lifelong motivation has been to improve police and departments.  His own story is one of a patrol officer rising through the ranks to become chief of police.  What makes this blogger’s story unusual is that it occurred in just seven short years.  David Couper is a published author, whose book deals with the same subject matter presented on his blog.  His historical accounts of policing look at the development of enforcement agencies over time, with particular attention paid to the many missed opportunities that provided inroads for improving police departments and officers.
  15. 10-8 Double A – This personal blog is topically diverse, dragging readers along through the random thoughts of the site’s administrator.  Content explores criminal justice issues and provides links that can be used to access deeper material about issues presented in blog articles.  The site contains links to product reviews conducted by the blog owner, offering evaluations of police equipment and firearms.  Other articles pay tribute to fallen officers, naming them individually to honor their service as peace officers. Personal posts on the site seem authentic, sharing the feelings associated with responding to various disturbing crime calls.
  16. The Boogie Man is my Friend – This entertaining blog follows the life of an atypical former police officer, offering looks behind the scenes, as well as providing information for staying safer.  The unique perspective comes from the fact that the blogger is a female police officer, who is also older than most female law enforcement bloggers.  Her no holds barred approach does not mince words, providing uncensored looks at police work and what comes after retirement from the force. Momma Fargo, as the blogger is known has moved on to other things, but her interests in police work and firearms handling has not waned.
  17. A Cop’s Watch – Going beyond local law enforcement issues, this blog also discusses world affairs and politics.  In addition to content of this nature, regular posts speak to the personal interests of the blogger maintaining the site.  Tributes to fallen officers and other features honoring the blue code are included too.  National security interests are explored in-depth, including period reports about hotspots like Lebanon and Syria.  Legal cases are evaluated locally alongside national features about United States sovereignty.  Regular posts outline inconsistencies within the criminal justice system, challenging readers to figure out why they exist.
  18. Amherst Police Blog – This blog is an example of those maintained by law enforcement agencies, rather than individual bloggers with things to say about cops.  The site is maintained by the Amherst Massachusetts police department.  Entries look at police issues beyond what happens on the beat, focusing on other department activities like fundraisers and public service events.  Training programs and other opportunities for citizens to interact with officers are included in blog entries, which are posted several times each month.  Anti-drunk-driving campaigns and neighborhood crime watch efforts furnish cooperative efforts for local residents and police, strengthening the community bond between officers and local civilians.
  19. Cops Alive – Cops helping cops is the fundamental theme of this informational resource aimed at law enforcement professionals.  Strategies for successful careers as public servants are outlined alongside information about issues commonly impacting men and women in blue.  For example, a recent post discusses post-traumatic stress disorder and refers officers to resources helping them cope with PTSD.  Additional topics are widespread, including advice about tools and equipment used by police.  Guest posts expand on related topics, adding even greater diversity to the content found on the site.  A special section of the site is dedicated specifically to police news stories taken from the headlines.
  20. Suburban Cop – Entries to this blog cover current events related to police work.  Posts are updated several times annually, providing recaps of news items related to fugitives, criminal justice and legal system outcomes.  The site is maintained by a suburban law enforcement professional who welcomes the change after serving on the New York City police Department for 8 years.  His opinions about security, police matters, and prepping for disaster are also colored by his time serving in the United States Army Infantry, which includes a combat tour in Afghanistan.  He also furnishes product reviews for certain tactical equipment used by police on the job.
  21. Suddenly Cop Wife – Following the events in the life of a law enforcement spouse, this blog contains posts on a range of topics.  The articles presented are mostly personal opinions of the author, rather than hard law enforcement news.  Current events impacting police, and their wives, are explored in entertaining posts peppered with humor.  There are some news items featured, especially those impacting local police, which are interspersed with personal posts detailing regular daily living in a police family.  For additional news coverage, headlines are featured in a clickable sidebar that opens into a special section dedicated to headlines.
  22. The Badge Guys – Dedicated to security issues, this blog carries regular contributions from several experienced security professionals.  School and campus security, as well as the debates surrounding campus carry laws and other educational security concerns are on the front burner here.  Facilities security and emergency preparedness are also discussed, with particular attention paid to crime trends in these areas.  The “guys” behind the blog are men and women with various credentials related to law enforcement.  Greg Stephens, for example, is an expert on workplace security and armed response laws.  Julie Adcock, another contributor, is a former Florida Sherriff’s Department employee bringing on-the-job experience to her blog entries.
  23. The Lollipop Tree – Maintained by a dispatcher responsible for more than one Massachusetts town, this blog has been active since 2007.  Bringing her on the job experience to the internet, posts are updated several times monthly, containing lots of photographs and human-interest-type content.  As an EMS dispatcher, the blogger is inherently familiar with many aspects of police work, but the blog entries she maintains are not what would be considered hard criminal justice news.  Instead, the content is lighter, containing vivid imagery.
  24. OCSD Newsroom Headlines – As a service to the general population and a resource for law enforcement professionals, the Orange County Sherriff’s Department maintains this blog.  The content is centered around local issues, particularly developments within the department.  As an interface between the agency and its public, visitors have access to several helpful features.  Recruiting announcements for new officers are posted on the site as well as support staff positions for hire within the department.  Updates about special police initiatives like a Labor Day Anti-Drunk Driving effort are included in regular posts.  Staff announcements, like a recent article about some retiring police dogs are also provided by contributors. The blog is highly active, receiving several posts daily, which are archived for ongoing access.
  25. The Restless Sleep – Giving readers a deep look at the New York Cold Case Squad, contributors’ areas of expertise fall across a range of criminal justice and law enforcement disciplines.  Participants like Vito Spano, former director of the Squad, provide first-hand insight into what it takes to solve cold cases.  Pathologists and crime scene investigators contribute forensic input, and several active officers and detectives bring perspectives from the beat.  Recent articles explore missing persons cases and discuss evidence gathering techniques for unsolved homicides.
    Photo by nereocystis on Flickr

    Photo by nereocystis on Flickr

  26. Homicide Watch DC – The narrow subject matter of this police blog centers on Washington D.C. murders.  Driven by community support, the blog attempts to follow every DC murder from the crime through the conviction of the perpetrators.  Court documents and the original news stories covering events provide source material for the entries, as well as input provided by friends and family members of victims.  Social media is also employed to link witnesses, investigators, and media representatives to paint comprehensive pictures of District of Columbia homicides.
  27. Waiving Miranda – Here, a sex crimes detective offers inside information in regularly updated posts, which contain details about cases he worked on.  The site is divided into distinct categories, allowing readers to hone in on topics of interest to them.  The blog host writes fiction too, so some of the articles posted are chapters taken from his work.  In the sections about interrogation and other police work, he chronicles the experiences he had working cases and interviewing suspects.  Waiving Miranda’s title refers to the authors desire to be truthful about his police work, even if the content becomes more difficult for civilians to read comfortably.  Additional reflections are placed in the police commentary section, for general observations and law enforcement information.
  28. Industry Insights – Found on officer.com this blog contains entries from several regular contributors tied to law enforcement.  Blog entries discuss myriad police issues, ranging from officer safety to criminal justice legislation.  Some entries are lighter than others, each providing insight into law enforcement vocations.  Training methods and standards for law enforcement personal provide topics for regular posts, which also encompass wider issues of national importance. The blog area is only one feature of the site, which includes additional resources and links for police officers.
  29. Women in Law Enforcement – Police magazine maintains this blog devoted to unique law enforcement issues facing women employed by law agencies.  Recommendations for female readers include ways to land positions on squads they want, as well as input on how to handle pregnancy when you are a cop. One of the site’s primary contributors, Lt. Lynn Doucette, is a patrol supervisor for a Maine law enforcement agency who previously worked as an undercover investigator for the state.  Patricia Teinart also contributes regularly.  She is currently employed as a patrol officer in Texas, but she has previously worked in juvenile gang units and narcotics task forces.
  30. The Thinking Policeman:  A Former Police Officer’s Blog – A retired inspector posts here approximately one-half dozen times each month.  Topics include all manner of police related content, including general criminal justice commentary and observations about the way police work is conducted.  The unique UK perspective carries universal police themes, but also enlightens readers about international investigations and newsworthy events.  A recent entry discusses crime and punishment outcomes related to charges of rape, stimulating reflection on the issue.
  31. Duke’s Police Blotter – Daily posts from Duke keep readers informed about criminal developments across the country.  The blog leads with a regular feature called officer down, which contains entries about individual officers wounded in the line of duty.  The site administrator also offers to help with good causes raising awareness for police officers, and invites readers to submit information about events.  News stories from publications like the Chicago Tribune are put under the microscope at Duke’s to help readers understand what is happening in major U.S. cities.  Entries concentrate on Illinois criminal justice, but this is not an exclusive blog for any particular region.  Public policy is analyzed, especially as it relates to police pensions and other law enforcement concerns.
  32. Crime File News – A former Chicago Police Officer maintains this blog, and several others, concerned with law enforcement issues and police work.  The blogger behind the content is a private investigator now, utilizing skills learned in his former role as a policeman.  Posts cover current events related to law enforcement, as well as wide-angle national political issues.  The blogger has strong viewpoints, which he expresses unapologetically, providing solid supporting facts and details.  Recent stories take issue with Obama administration policy, pointing to inconsistencies between what the Commander in Chief says and what he ultimately does.
  33. The Things Worth Believing In – Hosted by a police lieutenant, this blog presents opinions and reflections related to the job – but not always.  The author maintains a philosophical tone throughout most of the site’s content, keeping a certain distance between himself and the reader.  Self-defense and security provide themes for many articles contained on the site, some with instructional videos attached.  The site administrator, a former SWAT enforcement officer, evaluates tactical equipment, including firearms and accessories.  Practical training sequences are also provided, instructing viewers about proper gun handling techniques and strategic behavior.  One recent post advocates active training, rather than passive education, for mastering self-defense and personal safety techniques.
  34. Leo Affairs – Officers accused of wrongdoing or otherwise deprived of their rights need outlets to help them respond to charges.  This blog started in that capacity, providing a forum for preserving officers’ rights.  The site has grown, however, to include additional content for police officers, like a message board area where officers can seek and discuss information without fear of retribution.  The site contains information designed for officers with questions, including resources about internal affairs, policeman’s bill of rights, whistle-blower laws and public corruption.
  35. DeKalb Officers Speak – This site is for officers to express themselves about issues related to their employment as law enforcement officials in DeKalb County.  Families and friends of local cops are also invited to participate, providing a venue for their discussions about law enforcement life.  News stories are analyzed in the blog too, providing another side to stories that sometimes get manipulated by the press.  An interesting feature of the site is its “Crime Tracker”, which allows users to see first-hand where the local crimes are being committed.  The Tracker places icons at the site of each crime, making trends very easy to see.
  36. 24X7 – This North American police blog operates under a slightly different premise than others.  The author is a technology minded police official that understands many interactions with police are not positive ones for citizens.  Victims are distraught when they interact with cops, and other face-time with police officers is often garnered because an individual has committed a crime.  The author here is driven by the desire to create a forum of information for civilians to access on their own time, which helps them understand what police are up to as they perform their jobs.  Daily activities from the streets are shared in the blog’s section entitled “Shift Diaries”, providing a good starting point for interested readers seeking a snapshot of police work.
    Photo by Robert Thivierge on Flickr

    Photo by Robert Thivierge on Flickr

  37. Police Issues – Maintained by Julius Wachtel, Police Issues is designed as a resource for law enforcement professionals, but it also serves educators and students of criminal justice.  Wachtel, who contributes most of the original content present on the site, has nearly twenty five years on the job in various law enforcement roles.  He spent 23 years as an ATF agent and supervisor, before retiring in 1998.  His case work was primarily in the areas of gun trafficking and bombing investigations.  In addition to blogging about police issues, he is a criminal justice consultant and lecturer on the subject.  He is also a published author, penning a book about Stalin last year.
  38. The Police Law Blog – Maintained by lawyers, for police officers, this resource provides legal information for cops.  Featured articles report news headlines, which are analyzed for the ways they impact police. Other entries support rights for law enforcement professionals, offering case studies gleaned from the courts.  The blog is updated sporadically, but the dense legal information contained in each post is significant, despite being scarce.
  39. Official Blog of the International Association of Chiefs of Police – Rank and file officers are not the only law enforcement officials seeking to be heard on the World Wide Web.  Chiefs of Police have their voice too, provided in part by the official IACP blog.  Blog posts follow industry conferences and events, furnishing announcements about important happenings as well as reporting about what occurs at the meet-ups.  Another important facet of the organization is bringing law enforcement agencies together to work on issues jointly.  For example, recent posts highlight multi-jurisdictional efforts to curb the number of highway accidents on Interstate 80.
  40. Anaheim Police Department Blog – The lead story recently, about a gun buy-back program implemented by the Anaheim Department is typical of the content found here.  The program netted 100 guns for which police gave out $14,000 as incentives to participate.  Other special events and police directives are reported on the site, providing access for local citizens seeking updates.  Anaheim residents are encouraged to take active roles in their own safety, by utilizing three distinct police department programs.  Neighborhood Watch is a widespread effort to bring neighbors together against crime.  In addition to this service, the department operates a Citizen’s Police Academy and a Cops for Kids program.
  41. Social Media Beat – As social media becomes more prevalent in society, it impacts the way law enforcement officials do their jobs.  The phenomenon presents opportunities, like enhanced communication abilities and rapid outlets for disseminating information.  But new development within social media channels also present challenges for police, leading to device thefts and new ways for criminals to exploit technology.  This blog, maintained by the IACP Center for Social Media, keeps officers and citizens up to speed about social media’s role in public safety.  Recent blog headlines state the importance of transparency in law enforcement, which can be reinforced using social media.
  42. Milwaukee Police News – Brew city police developments are covered by this news blog, which has an appealing modern design.  The site is a direct initiative from the Department to keep Milwaukee area residents informed about criminal activity in the city.   “The Source” section isolates individual cases, providing status updates about police investigations, arrests and other crime fighting efforts.  The city’s Chief of Police is featured prominently on the site, which also includes a section dedicated to Milwaukee’s most wanted criminals.  Posts also call out officers responsible for acts of heroism while conducting themselves on the streets.
  43. South Bend Police Blog – This official blog of the South Bend Police Department is not as active as some other metropolitan blogs, but the information presented provides a valuable resource for local residents.  Practical lessons are featured in some posts, including a recent discussion about excessive speed and hydroplaning on wet roads.  Additional alerts inform citizens about ongoing crimes in the area.  One such computer hoax provided the topic for a recent article included on the site.  Timely postings about specific regulations and statutes give guidelines for special conditions like fireworks use and other seasonal concerns.  The blog also maintains an “ask a cop” feature, allowing users to pose specific questions to members of the force.  Responses are archived, creating an ongoing resource.
  44. Santa Cruz Police Department – The Santa Cruz Police Department blog shares developments about crimes and perpetrators, including crystal clear images of bad guys taken off the streets.  Reports of attempted crimes are also included, reinforcing the prowess of the department in heading crimes off before they actually occur.  The blog also honors former members of the force who pass away in retirement, remembering them with tribute articles and photos from their time with the force.  Follow-up posting show how cases are resolved, including initial court dispositions for arrested criminals.  Property is also accounted for, especially when it is successfully recovered for victims.
  45. Law Enforcement Corruption – When the good guys become bad guys, this blog stands at the ready to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. In fact, a prominent banner located at the top of the page provides a clickable link for reporting police corruption.  The macro view of police corruption is presented on the blog, with analysis of global corruption trends, but articles also zero-in on specific regional cases, like a recent lawsuit filed by a Newport Beach police officer ostracized on the job for reporting inappropriate conduct.  Corruption investigations are also followed, providing information about outcomes for corrupt police.
  46. Police-Led Intelligence – Coverage provided here is wide in scope, including national security intelligence information as well as articles about local policing efforts.  The content is deeper than the boots on the ground type blogs maintained by local officers, including analysis of advanced investigative techniques and intelligence gathering methods. The blog is maintained by Dave Henderson and Nick Selby.  Mr. Selby is a law technology expert well-versed in information security and other modern law enforcement areas.
  47. United States Park Police Press Room – The United States Park Police carry a proud tradition as one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the U.S.   They are one of the only agencies with state and federal powers, operating primarily in Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City.  Monthly posts to the official blog maintained by the agency recap department events, chronicling participation in special policing efforts.  Park police assigned to Washington D.C. play large roles in policing public monuments and area parks.  The Criminal Investigation Branch of the Park Police uses the blog to enlist public support solving cases, requesting information from potential witnesses and citizens with knowledge of crimes.
    Photo by cwwycoff1 on Flickr

    Photo by cwwycoff1 on Flickr

  48. Chief Brian Miller – Hammond, Indiana Police Chief Brian Miller maintains an active blog informing citizens about crime eradication efforts and other department developments.  Recent posts highlight multiple prostitution stings conducted by the department in recent months.  In some cases, female decoys lured potential customers into the waiting cuffs of Hammond cops, while other efforts were carried out using phony customers that were approached by working girls.  The detailed information presented by Chief Miller is bound to have an additional deterrent impact, listing each person arrested and including their photos on his blog.
  49. Arcadia Police Department News and Information Blog – The official blog of this California police department focuses on reporting developments surrounding the agency.  The blog is maintained by Tom LeVeque, who incorporates a number of helpful features into the resource.  Crime-mapping, for instance, visually illustrates exactly where crimes are occurring, providing detailed information for concerned local residents.  Notifications about road closures and construction projects also make their way into blog entries, furnishing alternate routes and project timelines.  Tips for staying safe are also provided, like common-sense warnings that open windows at ground level invite criminals in.  Breaking news is also posted to the blog, as developing crimes unfold.
  50. Police Brutality (and atrocity) Blog – This watchdog resource highlights cases in which police officers appear to act inappropriately toward suspects and others.  One recent article highlights the tragic death of a 95 year old man who police shot with a bean bag.  Accountability is a prevalent theme among blog posts here, reflecting the site organizers’ call for investigations of suspicious incidents involving death and injury to suspects.  As Taser use becomes more widespread, articles on the Brutality Blog involving Taser-related death are also growing in numbers.
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