When we open the front door to our homes and kick off our shoes, we all deserve the peace of mind that just inside is the safest place we could be. News stories about home emergencies, like break-ins or house fires, remind us about the importance of preparing our homes for worst case scenarios.

Investing in a home security system is a necessary step in guaranteeing protection in these types of situations.

After some simple research online, you’ll be better equipped to choose the security system right for you.

Just like any other major purchase, it takes some shopping around to find the home security system that will suit your family’s needs at a price point and installation time frame that’s most convenient for you. With any ever-increasingly diverse market, there are a host of accompanying special features to choose from. Although at first it may seem like a daunting task, you’ll quickly get to know each brand’s strengths in special features, as well as length of delivery, and warranty periods, for example.

Some people think of purchasing home security systems as an overindulgence. However, in today’s world they’ve become much more mainstream, and really a necessity.

Still hesitant? Let’s take a closer look at just what a home security system can do to ease the stress of daily life.

Choosing a Home Security System

First and foremost, when you look for the best systems to protect your home, you need to consider two major factors: the home/commercial space itself as well as your family’s lifestyle/company needs.

Home security systems come with a myriad of different features—from motion detectors, to temperature monitors and alarm capabilities. It’s a good idea to educate yourself early about the issues that pose a harmful risk to your household; revisit what got you interested in purchasing a system in the first place:

If crime is an issues in your neighborhood, look into features such as the motion detector, cameras, and alarm systems that will combat this risk factor. Look at old police reports online, or even talk to neighbors about any similar concerns they’ve had in the past.

Then again, if you live in a hurricane-prone community, your home security needs will be unique to extreme weather precautions. Think of your security system as a preventative measure that will keep your mind at ease.

Start with a pro and con list of your own that will help you determine which features are most important to you given your location and lifestyle.

Benefits of a Home Security System

Above all, installing a home security system should provide a sense of relief.

With home security systems becoming more advanced than ever, technology is user friendly. There’s no reason the whole family can’t play an active role in keeping your home safe. Engage family members to become educated about the benefits of owning a home security system and set up an initial training session to get everyone fully on board. The same goes for maintaining an easy-to-use security system in the workplace, among other facilities.

Things to Watch For When You Select an Alarm Company

Home security system company providers are always one up-ing each other, with more advanced technology pushing to the forefront all the time. This makes it ever more important that potential buyers make research into these evolving technologies a priority.

Here are some important features to consider when choosing the best system for you.

Night Vision. Night vision capabilities should be a given in any home security system, yet they are often overlooked. A security system without night vision renders the entire system in essence useless. To be more precise, check for systems with infrared LEDs which provide some of the best quality photos. A cheaper camera with lower quality photos is not worth the purchase and installation.

Security. In addition to maintaining safety around your property, it’s also important to consider the digital security of keeping your security unit’s photos and videos well protected. Seek out systems with top notch encryption and password capabilities. These simple steps will keep you in control and stave off possible cloud hacking.

Outdoor/Indoor Coverage. Installing a home security system means covering all your bases, on every inch of your property. Make sure the system you purchase includes cameras with panoramic views and highly quality zoom. Moreover, installation should be thorough, including indoor and outdoor coverage of entryways and exits especially.

Security Alarms. A security alarm of some sorts is a given. But depending on the type of building—for example a private home versus a business—you’ll have to decide the method by which you and the authorities are notified should you be faced with an emergency situation. In some systems, a loud, audible alarm is set off upon the moment of intrusion or when the potential intruder is within certain proximity of the facility or residence.

In the case that the facility is in a highly populated place, and that people inside the facility need to be immediately notified, this type of alarm is the optimal scenario. However, in the second scenario, the alarm systems do not immediately send off a warning siren, but instead alert the authorities via a 911 emergency call directly. In the case that the facility is more rurally located, or in the case of a standard business hours for example, where burglaries could take place during evening hours, this is more likely the best option.

Additional Sensors. Sound alarms and other sensors are not limited to violent acts or robbery. In fact, specialized sensors provide life-saving assistance in a host of other ways. Namely, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are available at all degrees of sensitivity, which is crucially important in the case of carbon monoxide, for example, undetectable by humans. Some smoke detector systems also include fire detection and sprinkler systems to simplify the process of proofing your home or business in the case of a fire.

On-the-Go Access. Many residents become interested in home security because they expect to be away on vacation for an extended period of time or because they reside at a property only seasonally and want to keep an eye on it remotely. As technology has advanced, it has become easier than ever to oversee any property, even from hundreds or thousands of miles away. This has also become a strong asset for business owners who would like to monitor their business remotely. Using new versions of this technology, business owners can monitor the coming and going of their employees, for example, as well as get immediate alerts regarding the security of the facility and the safety of its occupants.

Home Security Company Reviews

It’s important to do thorough research regarding the best home security unit for your needs. Of course, the great news is that you’re not alone. There’s a lot to learn about home security systems based on other buyer’s experiences with several leading brand names. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of information online to help make that decision all the easier. What’s right for some buyers may not be the best fit for others whose homes and businesses pose unique challenges and possibilities. It’s important that you pay close attention to the pros and cons which most closely affect your lifestyle, financial situation, time limits, etc.

Here are the profile highlights of some of the leading home security systems, complete with pros and cons to consider before you make the plunge and invest in this important purchase.


ADT, or the Authorized Premier Protector, specializes in home security and automation resources. ADT Pulse products are available to customers who want to learn more about the specialized services the company offers.


ADT boasts over 140 years in the security business.

It’s also among the most popular home security systems in the United States, including over 6 million customers.

ADT is a leader in remote control of home security units, meaning residents can have peace of mind wherever they are in the world that their home is in good hands.

ADT also offers some of the best response times after an intrusion or home fire, for example.

ADT has fully embraced new technological capabilities including non-invasive wireless coverage.

Recent development of the ADT Pulse Voice App comes with such special features as control lights and appliances, easily adjustable thermostats, live streaming videos, and effective alarms. Installation with ADT is quick, including same-day in many regions.


Some critics of the system noted that the equipment was bulky and out of style.


Vivint’s special features such as doorbell cameras, SkyControl panel, 24×7 video recording, smart locks, Element Thermostat, Ping Camera, and Amazon Echo makes it a force to be reckoned with. And essentially, that has become Vivint’s primary mantra: a dedication to security & surveillance, Smart Home Control, and 24×7 monitoring.


Customers love the chic, top-of-the-line aesthetic of the Vivint home security equipment as well as opportunities to receive free equipment offers.

Divided into monthly packages, Vivint customers can be assured they know where individual charges are coming from.

Vivint is also committed to environment protection, like monitoring your thermostat, which can help you conserve energy and cut down on high electricity bills.

Customers enjoy that Vivint technology features are easy to use, including a LCD touchscreen with mobile access, energy efficiency, and home automation.


Some customers felt the costs for initial professional installation were high.

Protect America

Since its founding in 1992, Protect America’s home security services have reached 500,000 homes and families. They’re top commitments are to 24/7 security monitoring, no installation fees and under-an-hour setup, as well as lowest price guarantees.


Protect America includes such specialized features as GPS Vehicle Tracking and Z-Wave equipment.

DIY installation means customers are in control of a speedy set up within the convenience of their own schedule limits.

Protect America gives its customers the option of three monitoring systems: broadband internet connection, cellular uplink, or a landline phone. According to a Protect America guarantee, equipment replacement is promised.

Customers can also appreciate consistent and thorough customer care and the option of professional installation if needed.


Any doubts about the product were focused on a limited 7-day money-back guarantee

Front Point

Front Point’s customers have routinely given positive feedback; the company proudly boasts that 96% of customers would recommend FrontPoint to a friend. Above all, Front Point stands out because of its remote access and control capabilities, doorbell cameras, as well as environmental protection and 24/7 professional monitoring.


On the top of Front Point’s highlights includes its 30-day trial period as well as DIY installation, saving customers time and money.

An installer technician is also available by phone should there be any setbacks during the installation period.

Since customers own their security equipment outright, initial setup costs are significantly reduced.

Customers of Front Point rave about top-of-the line customer service and accommodating contracts on a 12, 24, or 36-month basis.

Customers receive quick alerts from any range of potential emergency situations, including carbon monoxide leaks, freezing, or flooding.


Customers with any reservations noted that the company is fairly new, with only 8 years of experience.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive leads with the slogan, “Protect What Matters Most”. And in an effort to do so, Link Interactive boasts cost efficient, user-friendly security that the whole family will appreciate. According to its DIY policy, customers are able to build a specialized home security systems package that best suits their individual needs. In addition, Link Interactive offers up notifications in the case of power outages, a central monitoring station, and reliable cellular system.


Link Interactive home security leads in customer care.

For one, they provide free installation services and after-installation support.

Products are highly customized and come at a price that customers can afford, while still getting outfitted with top quality products.

Among its specials, Link Interactive offers unique packages for video monitoring that are only $5 above the base cost of service.

Videos can capture images from up to 40 feet away, and can also record around the clock.

Considering the climate your home or business is located in, temperature sensors are of the utmost importance.

This advanced technology can help detect smoke heat, and freezing pipes, before disaster strikes.

Link Interactive relies on a cellular network to connect users to their systems, rather than WiFi or use of a landline, one of the most advanced methods available.


Users who were less than 100% satisfied noted that the individual purchasing of special product features increased overall cost significantly.


While each home security system has unique attributes suited for a range of customers, Link Interactive has set itself apart from all others in the industry. Customers are met with top care, affordability and highly specialized products. Link Interactive is a company that has fully embraced new technologies in order to deliver its customer base the best services available every time without fail. While an a la carte system of purchase may at first seem daunting to new customers, ultimately, buyers are given total control of the services they receive, which allows for the best customized care possible. Link Interactive puts customers first and keeps striving for the next big break in innovation on the highest level.