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50 Best Crime News Blogs of 2013

Crime news that is ‘fresh from the beat’ helps police departments and individual law enforcement officers connect with the public.  The ability to communicate in real-time goes both ways, providing opportunities for citizens at-large to make genuine contributions to their own safety.  Police and crime news comes from various sources, including general crime journals analyzing trends in criminal justice and law enforcement.  Crime news blogs narrow the focus even further, exposing crimes as they happen and giving readers the information they need to engage with law enforcement officers during emergencies.  These thought-provoking sites stay on top of social trends in criminal behavior, providing crime information for concerned citizens.

Are you out there looking for CLEWS?

Are you out there looking for CLEWS?

  1. CLEWS – Your Home For Historic True Crime on the World Wide Web.  Genuine accounts of the people and crimes that shaped the historical criminal justice system provide endless fascination for those who study true crime.  Laura James maintains this blog devoted to the true crime genre, focusing on noteworthy cases that have gotten attention in the past.  Links are provided, leading readers to additional resources and to sub-specialty pages that deal with particular types of crimes.  Case studies examine individual characters from the past, as well as historically significant crimes of yore.
  2. Midtown Miscreant – The Midwestern author of this blog addresses social and civil rights concerns impacting an entire generation of Americans.  Mark Smith, the Miscreant, poses interesting questions about past and present crime news, tying current events to the causes and solutions of modern unrest.  Legal updates and commentary about developing legislation allow readers to digest information in easy to understand ways, opening the door for change.  Personal reflections about race and civil rights compliment the crime news found here.
  3. Seattle 911 – This police and crime blog provides detailed updates about crimes and criminals in the Seattle area.  Breaking news about thefts, break-ins, shootings, fires, and other illicit activities is presented in a straightforward crime news format, including pictures from crime scenes and updates as investigations unfold.  Local coverage gives the best indication of the actual outcomes of Seattle cases, assuring citizens that police have their security in mind.  Contributing authors cover domestic incidents leading to injury as well as shootings and other newsworthy crimes.
  4. Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

    Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

  5. The Crime Scene – Following crimes in your area is easy if you live in Southwest Missouri.  This crime news blog is maintained to keep people in the area informed about criminal activity.  Stories about police officers and true life situations they encounter on the job are presented from the law enforcement perspective, alongside questions about ethics and principles of effective policing.  Overall, the content is genuine, advocating for men in blue by presenting their side of the story.  Crime fighting success stories are highlighted too, including details about citizens that prevailed in the face of crime, and refused to be victims.
  6. What the Judge Ate for Breakfast – News from the Wichita court system is found here, keeping Kansas residents up to speed about local legal events and pending criminal cases.  The blog also follows convicted criminals through the penal system, keeping tabs on when and where they serve their time.  Legislative developments linked to the criminal justice system, especially in Kansas, provide additional areas of study for contributors to this blog, stimulating support for stronger state penalties in some cases.  Recent articles include coverage of changes in sex trafficking laws and detailed analysis of court cases working their ways through the Kansas State criminal justice system.  Posts that relate to the same topic, an individual criminal’s quest for clemency for example, are grouped in series’ so readers can easily access the entire group of articles discussing a particular topic.
  7. True Crime Report – One after another, recent crimes are detailed in daily posts about criminals and the creative ways they test the criminal justice system.  If not for the serious nature of some of the crimes, it would be easy to view the revolving door of failed criminals as entertainment.  Contributing authors explore crimes from the headlines, including rape, assault, and even bombings.  Homicides get a lot of attention, due to the severity and high-profile nature of the crimes.  Individual criminals are profiled in a section of the website dedicated to repeat offenders and those with particularly jaded senses of criminal justice.  The updates included do not discriminate by location or type of crime – true crime coverage cannot be scripted.
  8. The Homicide Report – Los Angeles Times local coverage includes a featured blog used to update readers about crimes in the region.  The site serves as database of crimes impacting Los Angeles County residents.  The interactive map feature shows pinpoint crime details, including location, suspects, and other relative information.  There is a focus on violent crime in some posts, but the idea is to promote public safety for less severe crimes too.  A forum on the blog allows readers to share stories and remember loved ones, but it also helps communities plan for better security policies.
  9. New York Post Crime News – Crime news includes locally important New York State police blotter reports, but overall national security is also at play in the nation’s most prominent city, NYC. Criminal activity, as well as warnings and alerts about possible threats are included in this New York blog, which monitors criminal justice channels to provide up to date information about plots and crimes.  Individual criminal profiles include updates about suspects on the run, alerting citizens to potential hazards before problems arise.  New cases are covered as they emerge, so the public remains well-informed about developments occurring close to home.
  10. Dumb Criminals – The theme is carried throughout the content found here, with periodic updates providing glimpses into the less talented lives of failed thieves and criminals.  Posts are organized into categories, allowing ready-access to various types of crimes, and the true stories of unsuccessful criminals.  Arson, robbery, vandalism, fraud, and assault are only a few of the criminal areas of interest, providing great source material for tongue-in-cheek reporting.  Stories involving alcohol impairment are grouped together for full appreciation of the entertainment value provided by drunks.
  11. DumbCrooks – Not everyone is cut out to be a criminal, so the failure rate is high for upstart criminals lacking talent and experience committing crimes.  You could argue that crime is dumb by all accounts, but some cases stand out for having particularly silly features.  Recent entries at Dumb Crooks include features about the fate of failed criminals, like one who plunged to his death fleeing from police and another whose own checking account information was on the hold-up note used at the bank.  Despite the head-scratching antics of certain ‘professional’ criminals, the cases getting attention are real.
  12. Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

    Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

  13. U.S News on NBC – Crime news from across the country dominates the content of this major news source blog, but there are also international stories posted discussing how world events impact American criminal justice.  The site features contributions from experts in criminal sociology, as well as reports from field writers covering developing stories.  Content changes hourly, keeping readers refreshed and interested.  Criminal and civil cases are followed through the justice system, with article series’ that focus on particular criminals and events.
  14. Federal Bureau Of Investigation Blog – Information available on the World Wide Web comes from all kinds of sources, so why not go directly to one of the country’s largest law enforcement agencies for up to date crime information?  The FBI maintains a thoughtful resource used to update members of the public and other law enforcement agencies about progress on current cases.  New cases are opened regularly, prompting examination by contributors to the FBI blog.  Dozens of categories are used to break-down crimes by type, including those against certain types of victims.  By clicking on category links, readers enter pages of crime news devoted to certain crimes.
  15. Computer Crime Research Center – As technology advances, so does criminal behavior that exploits the technology.  Where there is something to be gained from copying, stealing, pirating, or otherwise misappropriating technological advances, criminals find a way to illegally pursue unjust rewards. As a result, dedicated blogs like this one strive to keep pace with emerging technology and the criminals it attracts.  Cybercrime and internet security solutions are discussed in articles gleaning input from cyber-crime experts and industry heavy-hitters with something at stake in the field.
  16. Coptalk.INFO – This site contains practical information designed to help regular citizens navigate among opportunists and criminals. Advice about safety and real-life case studies enlighten readers about crime and police work, encouraging them to cooperate with law enforcement officials.  Recent posts detail step-by-step procedures to follow when you get pulled over on the road, and updates about widespread scams known to lure people in.  The site also explores social issues and the impact they have on crime trends.  Readers interested in the local crime scene find additional information among the dozens of frequently answered questions archived on the site.
  17. Mafia Families – Criminology fascinates readers, who sometimes get caught up in particular crime news topics.  Mafia activities and the famed connections between immigrant families is a steady source of interest for crime buffs, so crimes attributed to organized groups are heavily scrutinized online.  This blog takes general information about reputed crime families, and offers it alongside current events reporting; especially happenings related to La Cosa Nostra and other crime families.  Individual members of high-profile families are discussed in terms of the traditional family structures of organized crime.
  18. Crime in America: the name says it all

    Crime in America: the name says it all

  19. Crime in America – All kinds of crime commentary is shared on this site, compiled in easy to find categories that compare crimes of similar types and those sharing similar victims.  Topics include general information about crime, as well as specific break-downs of individual city crime rates and statistical trends.  The information can be dissected in a variety of ways, to shed light on certain areas of criminal justice.  Crime news can be searched in the same way.  Users clicking on sidebar topics like burglary, or assault, are taken to areas of the blog dedicated to reporting certain types of crimes.  The comprehensive nature of the resource allows it to stand-out among countless, less-informative crime news blogs.
  20. Local Safety Report – Home security and local safety are discussed on this blog, which features links to commercial alarm and safety companies.  The idea behind the site is to provide information about local residential areas, informing citizens about dangers and preventative security measures.  Crime news finds its way into blog entries, as a way to reinforce the role people play in their own safety.  Willow Shield, the blog author, is supported by a number of expert contributors tasked with enlightening readers about prudent safety practices.
  21. The People’s Champion – Human interest stories are laced with advocacy in regular blog posts on People’s Champion.  Guest contributors wave the flag for personal freedom and equality among all races and ethnicities.  Other sociological issues are discussed, with special attention given to the ways they influence interactions between diverse peoples. Crime news includes updates about criminals of note, as well articles about victims of crime, especially those of color.  The politics of race and its role in the criminal justice system are consistently explored in blog entries on the site.
  22. Crime, Guns and Videotape – Posts cover current events and offer information taken directly from court documents and filings.  Crime news about recent cases and the subsequent criminal proceedings comes from experts familiar with police work, and the blog is maintained by an author with experience working in law enforcement.  The investigative journalist is a licensed private investigator who worked on the Chicago police force, giving him a unique perspective about criminal justice.  His commentary covers topics ranging from Supreme Court decisions to self-defense techniques.  Court developments, especially those related to gun violence are consistent themes covered in the blog.
  23. a href=””>Crimeblog – Sponsored by the Dallas Morning News, this crime news blog expands coverage of headline-making crimes, and keeps readers updated about Texas criminals.  The resource allows citizens to contribute with tips and accounts of real cases.  Updates about criminal activities are supported by pictures and video enabling residents to identify criminals.  Recent posts track court cases, following them through prosecution, until convictions are obtained.  Crime reporters, editors and invited guest contributors provide regular insight into current crime related events.
  24. Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

    Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

  25. Crimescene Blog – California crimes are explored here, in greater depth than is sometimes possible for mainstream reporting agencies.  Details focus on grand cases, involving homicide and high-ticket property crimes, but they also include attention to lesser cases of theft and fraud.  Timely posts discuss the possible causes of a recent train accident and the identification process that will be used to I.D. a body discovered in Altadena.  In addition to coverage dedicated to fires, crimes, and municipal developments in California’s cities, the blog tracks area residents who become crime victims while they are away from home.
  26. Berkeleyside Police Blotter – Maintained by California’s largest independent news source, the crime blotter blog keeps residents informed about crimes occurring in the area.  Entries are arranged by date, easily tracking crime trends in particular parts of the city.  The listings, detailing the who, what, where and when of each occurrence, are supported by an interactive map that charts the geographic position of every crime committed in the region.  Vehicle thefts and violent crimes are covered, as well as actively unfolding and solved/closed petty crimes.  Readers use the comment section of the blog to share their own stories about local crime, further reinforcing the neighborhood crime prevention networks facilitated by the blog.
  27. West Seattle Blog – The World Wide Web and the spread of information it facilitates bring people together from far flung localities, but the internet also serves to link members of local neighborhoods, uniting them with regional crime news blogs.  Seattle residents learn about recent crimes and what is being done to solve them, by reading posts on this West Seattle crime blog.  Reporting about individual crimes is an important function of local crime news blogs, but resources like this Seattle example take it a step further, looking at neighborhood implications associated with vacant storefronts, foreclosure trends, and spikes in certain types of crimes.
  28. Chicago News Report – Residents of Chicago and surrounding areas benefit from this comprehensive crime news blog, alerting them to crime trends close to home.  From Bucktown to Ravenswood, users are invited to click on links that open-up into areas of the blog devoted to particular locations.  Beatings, muggings, shootings and other high-profile Chicago crimes are covered alongside national stories about criminal justice outcomes occurring beyond Illinois’ borders.  By clicking on the South Loop, for example, readers learn about events that impact that area first, before being directed to news stories concerning surrounding areas.
  29. Crime and Courts News – High-profile national cases draw the greatest levels of coverage here, including homicides and those cases shrouded in controversy.  Breaking news is addressed with posts about unfolding cases, especially those entering the courts.  National media coverage is expanded with supporting blog posts, providing glimpses into what the actual juries use to determine their verdicts.  Users click on links covering certain stories, opening-up article series’ that provide details about the case, including comprehensive analysis from crime experts. Tweets from suspects and other role-players within the criminal justice system are tracked regularly, creating a sense of insider access for blog readers.
  30. Metro Crime and Court News – The New Orleans Times Picayune provides crime news for this regularly updated blog about Louisiana criminal justice.  Posts help residents track crime statistics and stay on top of active police investigations.  Individual Parish news contained in blog articles pinpoints crimes committed in the New Orleans area, fostering greater cooperation between police and residents.  Court cases that are especially recognizable to local residents are covered by posts that keep civilians informed about convictions and sentences.
  31. SFGate Crime Blog – This San Francisco blog, maintained by the Chronicle, contains information about Bay area crimes and investigations.  Individual crimes are tracked for readers, who contribute valuable feedback in the comments section of the blog.  Beyond actual crimes occurring in the region, articles explore wider policy implications, like how the war on drugs impacts society and how many strikes should be allowed to minors in the court system.  Videos and photos included in blog posts help readers contribute to the crime solving efforts of professional law enforcement officers, giving them better tools for staying safe.
  32. Crime and Safety Blog – Tracking crime trends in South Florida is aided by this Sun-Sentinel blog, dedicated to solving and preventing crimes within the state.  The site keeps citizens informed about scams and criminal efforts to take advantage of them, referring to real-life examples of crimes against Florida residents.  The site carries recommendations from the attorney general, advising residents how to properly respond to criminal threats.  Breaking crime news is also supplied, giving readers up-to-the minute details about developing investigations. Sharing timely crime news clears more cases and allows law enforcement to actively collaborate with members of the public, providing the highest possible levels of security.
  33. Crime Time – Criminal justice developments in North Texas, and beyond, are tracked with the help of this Star-Telegram sponsored blog devoted to reporting about criminal behavior in Texas.  Articles present factual accounts of cases that are working their ways through the Texas criminal justice system, reviewing relevant charges and following the cases through the courts. Texas law and legislative policy are explored generally in recent pieces, but articles also focus on individual North Texas departments.  Firefighter news is also present, especially when cases include suspected arson.
  34. BPDnews – This recently launched blog, sponsored by the Boston Police Department is designed to provide general information about safety and well-being, in addition to specific data about crimes and police work.  The underlying mission of this department resource is to support public safety, which is accomplished with the help of timely crime news posts.  Current investigations are followed closely by expert contributors, who use cases as platforms to blog about social issues.  Each week, a most-wanted feature is included on the site, highlighting a crime or criminal for greater scrutiny.  The week’s most- wanted criminals are often responsible for violent crimes like stabbings, homicides and sexual assaults.
  35. Crime Blog – is responsible for the content contained in this Texas blog.  News organizations are tasked with keeping developing events in the spotlight, particularly when time is of the essence (as it is in most active police investigations).  Crime news, presented timely, gives citizens an interface with law enforcement professionals, increasing their ability to participate in the criminal justice system.  This Texas blog features sketches of crime suspects and details about their movements, preparing civilians to identify them moving within society.  Rewards and other incentives offered for participating are outlined in posts that give readers even more reasons to play a role in solving Texas crimes.
  36. Arizona Daily Star Crime Blog – Local crime updates provide insight into Arizona crime trends and help local citizens stay safe.  Daily posts highlight crime news stories taken from the headlines, dealing with smuggling, drug trafficking, and other significant crimes.  Posts track arrests in the area and contain detailed information about the crimes and the criminals involved.   Links to additional resources cover courthouse developments and other blog topics within the state criminal justice system.  Major Law enforcement agencies like the FBI are also linked to the site for federal crime information.
  37. Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

    Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

  38. Anchorage Daily News Crime Blog – Alaskan residents are subject to criminal behavior that does not occur nationwide, so local resources are important for tracking crime.  This blog, maintained by the Anchorage Daily News provides timely information about local crimes.   Recent stories contained alerts about local police impersonation victims and highlighted a major cocaine distribution ring bust.  Despite its remote location, there is no shortage of crime news coming from Alaska, where non-lethal rubber-tipped bullets were recently required to stop a suspect.
  39. Crime Library – This regularly updated blog is maintained by the entertainment network, TruTV.  The stories feature accounts of real life criminals and track them as they learn about justice.  The nature of the host brings some measure of sensationalism to the site, which focuses on the most interesting crimes available for discussion.  Glimpses into the minds of criminals and the methods they use are always fascinating, so readers are willing to take the good with the bad, allowing TruTV to hand pick its own variety of crime news.
  40. Findlaw Blotter – The past predicts the future, as they say, so ready-access to criminal court case records is a valuable resource for people studying crime.  This blog helps illuminate current criminal trends by chronicling those of the past.  Articles provide advice about crime and tips helping readers avoid the negative consequences of crime.  Crime prevention and common sense work together to minimize the impacts of criminal behavior, so police blotters provide valuable insight into effective measures for reducing crime.  Informational sidebars are also part of the blog, expanding understanding of particular facets of the legal system, including posts that explore the consequences of criminal behavior.
  41. The Brooklyn Paper – Play by play crime news featured in this New York resource is not limited to particular types of crimes.  Articles report a variety of crimes, from thefts to homicides. One after another, New York robberies and property crimes are listed, to help provide timely information for citizens and law enforcement personnel.  Neighborhood maps showing jurisdictional boundaries are included on the site, linking known criminal hotspots to the individual crimes being investigated in particular areas.  Photos of suspects and convicted perpetrators are also maintained by site administrators, providing visual corroboration for identifying criminals.
  42. Baltimore Crime Beat – News and crime commentary is provided here by the Baltimore Sun, keeping pace with developing stories and investigations. Recent headlines include posts about an officer killed in the line of duty and the fate of a convicted heroin dealer.  Political reporting is also present, with updates about local elections and coverage of races for State Attorney.  Shootings and other high-profile cases are the subjects of ongoing, multi-piece articles that track developments in the cases.  Legal challenges and civil cases are also monitored, bringing important verdicts to the public’s attention.
  43. PE Bloggers Crime Blotter – Most of the content of this site is contributed by Press Enterprise columnists and staffers familiar with criminal justice and local crime reporting.  News from the Jurupa valley is presented alongside breaking coverage of Rancho Cucamonga crime, keeping residents one step ahead of local criminals.  Drug interdiction requires a significant effort in border states, so PE Bloggers are quick to cover successes – and failures associated with the war on drugs.  Officer-involved shootings and other law enforcement outcomes are scrutinized in recent posts, lending insight into complex criminal justice practices.
  44. City Police Blotter – One of the best ways to fight crime is to engage public support and participation.  This blog, maintained by the Public Information Officer from the Fredericksburg police department supplies direct access to current crime news, straight from department representatives. Armed robberies and other local crimes are reported and tracked, allowing witnesses and helpful citizens to participate in active investigations.  The site’s no-nonsense Daily Crime Report lists crimes and keeps tabs on charges and investigations as they develop.  Detailed suspect information is included with each crime announcement, and links are present, leading readers to additional helpful crime-prevention resources.
  45. The Lawrence Crime Blotter – Theft is a fleeting crime, more likely to be unaccounted for as time goes forward.  In other words, time is of the essence when solving crimes, so crime blogs containing up-to-the-minute information serve valuable functions for local law enforcement efforts.  Local crime news, including updates about area thefts, pinpoints the victims and perpetrators of crimes, allowing residents to respond to threats before serious crimes occur.  Citizens are familiar with their environments, so when criminal activity is under way residents are the first to recognize what is out of place.  The Lawrence Blog brings citizens and law enforcement officials together, preserving cooperation and public safety.
  46. The Blotter – In addition to stories about crime, this site contains links to resources about criminals and justice.  The Austin crime news page focuses on local crime prevention initiatives and keeps Texas residents informed about developing investigations in the area.  Police efforts are highlighted in recent posts, including a holiday weekend campaign to reduce the number of drunk drivers taking to the roadways.  Breaking news, like developments related to fugitives and criminals at large, gives readers the information they need at critical moments.  Photos and descriptions of suspects play an important role in enlisting public crime fighting assistance, so Austin area mug shots are featured prominently on The Blotter.
  47. Crime Beat – This West Alabama blog is regularly updated with posts about crimes occurring near Tuscaloosa.  In fact, residents of the area are better protected as a result of the crime blog, maintained by Stephanie Taylor and other members of the staff.  Recent entries follow crimes in Tuscaloosa County, including traffic crimes and sentencing outcomes for Alabama criminals.  Crime Beat updates check-in on investigation developments and profile criminals responsible for some Tuscaloosa crimes.
  48. Lights and Sirens – This Tacoma, Washington blog is maintained by the News Tribune to keep local crime news fresh, and to provide an outlet for expert crime-prevention advice.  White collar crime, as well as petty theft and robberies are exposed in regular features, which sometimes require multiple posts.  Fires and other newsworthy events are also included in blog entries, placed on a comprehensive Tacoma crime map providing an overview of criminal activity in the Washington region.  Public policy as well as the actions of the officials running the show in Tacoma are put under the microscope in posts that examine the whole criminal justice system, rather than a few individual cases.
  49. Sacto 9-1-1 – California crime news, especially activity near Sacramento is fair game for this local crime blog.  The site is maintained by the Sacramento Bee, with regular contributors and expert guest posters accounting for most of the content.  Reporting includes updates about local criminal investigations, as well as breaking news about crimes as they come to light. Bloggers follow noteworthy cases, with updates about charges and court developments.  Blog entries pose interesting questions about crimes and the justice policies that operate behind the scenes.  Contributors are not afraid to pose arguments about ethics and other criminal justice issues.
  50. Mediamatters – The media looks at itself with this pointed blog about responsible reporting and other social issues surrounding crime news.  Most of the articles dissect news coverage traditionally associated with the political right.  Taking current crime stories, and analyzing the way they are presented provides insight into media bias in crime reporting, which provides the central theme for this blog.  Fox News and other outlets are challenged for the way they introduce right-wing principles into news stories, influencing the impact they have on public perception.
  51. Sirens – This crime news blog is maintained by, keeping Washington State residents informed about crimes occurring in their area.  Recent posts include coverage of criminal activity in Granite Falls and Mountlake Terrace, as well as crime exposes focusing on other localities.  Convenient links to municipal police departments are included in a sidebar that allows users to click on Mill Creek, Everett, Brier and other law enforcement websites.  Regular posts are archived, including a section that allows readers to ‘catch-up’ with the weeks posts compiled in a specific area of the page.
  52. Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

    Photo by J D Mack on Flickr

  53. Brookline Police News – This series of posts is aimed at Brookline Massachusetts residents and other readers tracking criminal activity in the area.  Posts outline developing crimes, and provide follow-ups about ongoing criminal investigations.  The police blotter format contains details drawn directly from officers’ investigations and breaks criminal activity into weekly archives of crimes occurring within certain boundaries.  Links to other Brookline resources compliment the straight-ahead listings covering crimes.
  54. NFL Crimes – Specialty crime news blogs zero-in on particular types of crimes and categories of criminals, but the subject matter here is particularly narrow in scope.  This interesting compendium tracks the illicit activities of members of the National Football League.  Each of us is familiar with the local misdeeds of players on our favorite teams, but this blog provides an opportunity to track players from across the entire League.  Drunk driving, assault, illegal weapons possession, and a creative array of domestic charges are typical of the crimes reported here.  Cheerleaders, fans and others behaving badly are not exempt from attention when their misdeeds are done in the name of their favorite football teams.
  55. Dayton Courts – Daily updates cover legal and court news from the Dayton region of Ohio.  Arrests and prosecution records provide content for blog articles, which keep tabs on suspects and criminals as they move through the criminal justice system in Ohio.  Regular features highlight individual criminals, keeping their images and stories fresh for victims.  The site is affiliated with, providing citizens with details about specific cases and their courtroom outcomes.
  56. Boston Magazine Crime Blog – News stories about Boston crimes are given greater scrutiny in blog posts included on this crime news site.  Follow-ups to noteworthy cases, like the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, provide ongoing details about charges and criminal prosecutions associated with Boston criminal activity.  News from surrounding municipalities is included among entries that explore not only Boston crime trends, but the individual criminals responsible for regional crime.  Recent articles focus on local crimes like vandalism, as well as serious offenses pulled from national media headlines.  The blog contains links to additional Boston area crime news resources featuring coverage of city council developments and other local issues impacting crime prevention and public safety.

50 Top Personal Defense Blogs

Personal protection takes many forms, so there is a wealth of information available for those wishing to explore the various approaches to individual safety. Martial arts training and other defensive strategies help people stay safer while reinforcing confidence in everyday situations.  Various defense tactics are widely discussed online, including basis ways to keep you and your family safe.  These blogs cover a range of personal defense strategies and highlight the individual opinions of some of today’s leading personal defense experts.


At, you learn to protect yourself

  1.  Functional Self Defense – Realistic Modern Defense – The message here is to promote personal safety through awareness and preparedness.  To prevent attacks and respond in the best ways possible when they do occur, visitors are encouraged to explore free information available on the site.  Tutorials and photographs take the subject to heart, illustrating effective self-defense methods for individuals. Articles cover wide-ranging subjects that relate to personal defense, as well as other varied topics of personal interest to the author. The thought-provoking pieces stimulate personal defense ideas among readers.
  2.  No Nonsense Self-Defense Blog – This straight-forward introduction to personal defense, which starts with discussions about the importance of commitment to effective personal safety, provides valuable information for family safety.  Property protection and individual self-defense are explored in-depth using categories that break-down situations people encounter in real life.  Robbery prevention and how to respond to stalkers are examples of solutions presented in no nonsense chapters that dissect each area.  Martial arts based approaches provide effective strategies, as well as avoidance and other de-escalation methods.  Affordable security options for the home and other common-sense ideas for staying out of harm’s way are offered without charge.
  3.  Women’s Self Defense Boston – Women face unique perils, which require them to pay particular attention to specific approaches to personal safety.  Since they are equipped differently than their male counterparts, and since many of their attackers will be men, women are trained to take advantage of their own strengths and to de-escalate attacks by removing their disadvantages.  Krav Maga training provides the backbone of the Women’s Self Defense philosophy that helps them stay safe, using scenario-based training to create real-life dramatizations of attack situations women might encounter on the street.  By role playing and moving through the motions of successfully thwarting attacks, women stand ready when they actually occur.  The blog discusses several ways to use repetitive training to synch the mind with the body’s ability to respond to threats.
  4. Toughen-up Self-defense Blog – Author Randy LaHaie supports his book with this helpful series of articles exploring personal defense topics.  Thought-provoking considerations include physical training recommendations as well as methods for establishing emotional preparedness for self-defense. Workout strategies that promote effective self-defense are compared and fine-tuned to the needs of individuals getting started in the gym.  Common-sense approaches use everyday workout scenarios to make strength training and conditioning accessible so  everyone can toughen-up at home.

    Visit to learn more about this seasoned self-defense expert

  5.  Wim Demeeres Blog – Marshall Arts, Self Defense and a Whole Lot More – Getting the most of your approach to personal safety is bolstered with information shared here by a self-defense teacher.  The posts break defense into several categories, offering valid tips for each situation. 8 Self-Defense Tips for Men focuses on particular characteristics unique to males as well as universal information that aids both sexes.  The site is oriented toward social violence, and how to react in the face of adversity.  Empathy and other non-violent approaches to conflict resolution are advocated, but physical defense is also recognized under some circumstances.  Readers are encouraged to disregard examples seen on television and through dramatizations that don’t reflect what it is really like to defend yourself from attacks and robberies.
  6.  Making Sense of Self Defense – Rather than offering tips and techniques for application during an attack, this site presents concepts related to personal defense which must be weighed individually, by consumers of the information.  By highlighting general ideas, the articles engage independent thought related to family protection.  The five D’s of self-defense provide the framework for the blog, encouraging readers to enter into agreements with themselves committing to the regime.  Decide, deter, disrupt, disengage, and debrief are equal stages in the process of personal defense, which provides a general way to think about protection and avoiding violence.
  7.  Self Defense and Violence Prevention Blog – The information age presents unique security challenges for personal defense and family safety.  Comprehensive approaches include self-defense in its traditional forms, and additional proactive efforts to maintain safety and confidentiality of information. Wide topics are explored here, each tied to desirable personal defense outcomes for individuals and families.  Subjects include the effectiveness of local crime watch programs and the best preventative strategies for helping at-risk youth.  Other recent article themes featured commentary about women’s role in society and the nature of information sharing among corporate giants like Google.
  8. maintains a forum dedicated to personal defense topics, drawing a range of participants with diverse viewpoints.  The archives are filled with references to content touching on most gun-related issues, so you’ll likely find someone weighing-in on your closely-held convictions. True Tales of Self Defense are shared through the forum, in which users support their self-defense efforts with real-life stories encouraging others to be prepared.  Martial arts and other measures are discussed, but the meat of the site is devoted to the type of social violence that includes firearms. Personal defense includes proficiency and preparedness for firearm advocates who praise the deterrent effect of liberal gun-carry laws.
  9.  Policetac’s Blog – Mind and body are united in the tactical application of the personal defense ideals put forth on this blog, which explores the relationships between martial arts, health, and personal well-being.  The underlying philosophy is based on Wing Chun Kung Fu principles.  Spirituality and other human attributes are recognized during training, and incorporated into a total wellness approach that guides not only individual safety, but personal fulfillment as well. Regular posts and archives highlight individual aspects of the underlying awareness the blog advocates, providing the foundation for personal defense training.
  10.  Indestructible Training – Training with firearms is one of the personal defense methods highlighted as the focus of this blog, which asks questions related to the practice like “Can Competition Really Get You Killed”?  Various training methods, including competitive firearms courses, are explored to determine which are the most effective, and which strategies yield the greatest bang for the buck. Posts discuss important considerations for students of personal defense, guiding their approach to effective individual safety and reinforcing their understanding of how split-second decision-making impacts personal defense.
  11. Less Than Lethal Self Defense Blog – Responding to a physical attack without lethal intentions is a specialized way to fight back without killing your attacker.  Learning the best ways to do this is accomplished through research and case-studies shared on blogs like Less Than Lethal. Hand to hand methods of defense, like open and closed hand strikes are used to disengage attackers, allowing for escape.  Devices and pepper sprays are effective in many cases too, but must be activated properly to have the greatest impact on attackers.  Human and animal attacks require unique strategies, which are explored in recent articles.

    at your personal safety starts here

  12. Preferred Defense Self Defense Blog – Fight back! is the mantra shared by users of security products offered here.  The blog supports effective use of surveillance and wireless equipment, auto-dialers, and other personal protection products.  Education is the cornerstone of consistent personal protection, so the entries provided on the site are aimed at informing readers about personal defense options and strategies.  Emergency supplies, like bug-out bags, which are laden with essentials, can be grabbed hastily when something unusual calls for a quick exit.  By staying informed and prepared during routine times, consumers increase their own chances of surviving during periods of adversity.
  13. Self Defense Blog by Chad VonDette shares expert advice from a blogger who has done quite a few different things related to personal defense.  He is a choreographer of fights, and a master of self-defense who speaks on the subject worldwide.  His Just Yell Fire project drew national attention for girls’ safety causes when he helped a high-schooler create an effective campaign against female violence. Fighting types and styles are compared in recent articles to help readers understand the differences between MMA and other examples, for instance.
  14. J & L Self-defense Blogs – Emergency preparedness includes readiness for a wide range of potential scenarios.  Large-scale catastrophic events, for example, have different safety requirements than personal attacks, so they are approached in unique ways.  Understanding the scope of the threat is the first step to defending against each harmful element. Articles comparing the various types of available devices and sprays for personal protection help readers weigh the best options for their own particular circumstances. A multi-level approach, providing layers of protection at each level of exposure leads to the most comprehensive personal defense strategy possible.
  15. Personal Self Defense Blog – Finding efficient personal safety devices is made easier with the information contained in posts on this defense blog focusing on non-lethal protection for men, women and families.  Various assaults are explored by type, including campus, home and social attacks against men and women.  Stun guns, pepper sprays and other means of disabling attackers are evaluated and compared to one another in posts that also explore personal safety trends and share first-hand accounts of violent encounters.  Attitude is considered an integral part of effective personal defense, so readers are encouraged to adopt the right frame of mind for personal security.
  16. Self Defense Blog – Age-specific strategies are introduced here, combining devices and proven methods into workable solutions for some of the most common scenarios requiring defensive measures. Non-lethal focus allows users to contemplate the best solutions for their own circumstances, including pepper spray and stun gun technology.  Information about hidden cameras and individual state laws governing stun gun use are provided as references for readers, who use the blog to learn how to properly operate the various devices available for personal defense.  Kids, women, and physical challenged users are targeted for special instruction that helps them exploit their individual strengths.
  17. Personal Defense World – Guns and ammunition are the primary modes of defense for the bloggers who run this site, including the latest innovations, which are discussed in detailed posts.  Product evaluations include accessories and modifications making guns more effective as general instruments of defense.  To support the effort, entries focus on happenings in the personal safety arena and legislative developments impacting gun laws.  First-hand accounts of individual success stories provide reinforcements for the use of guns as protection, helping instill confidence in those new to the concepts of personal defense.
  18. Black Belt Mama – This inspirational account is provided by a genuine mother who mastered some advanced martial arts principles to better protect her family.  The content here is as much about personal empowerment as it is about self-defense.  But the two are linked, so the lessons she shares are somewhat universal to a cross-section of readers.  The relatable story chronicles the progression of a mother gaining strength in the face of adversity, including a torn ACL and other things that almost got in the way of realizing her dreams.
  19. Women’s Self Defense Instruction – Written by a self-defense coach and martial arts expert, this site explores the ability of every individual to protect him or herself from harm, despite inherent limitations and uncertainties.  The message here is that the least complicated self-defense solutions are often the most effective.  Self-defense products and moves are explored in gender specific ways, helping women especially.  By helping females establish their baseline defense needs, site administrators steer them toward products best suited for their circumstances.  Pepper spray is recommended for women because it is accessible, easy to use and can be concealed in purses without detection.
    kung-fu-rantings is where Richard has been discussing self defense for years

  20. Richard’s Kung Fu Rantings – Entries focus on learning Kung Fu and what the process entails for most people.  Dedication and commitment are essential to continued advancement within the martial arts, for personal achievement as well as proficient self-defense.  Practice and learning at one’s own pace facilitates long-term execution of disciplined Kung Fu programs.  The blog supports a school and includes references and resources familiar to devotees of Richard’s instructional programs. Former students and others associated with Richard’s career are featured in their own sections, linked from the main blog page.
  21. Mommy and Me Self-Defense – Varied content takes a proactive stance on personal defense and a notion called ‘protective offense’. Information is aimed primarily at women and others who teach self-defense classes.  Tips designed to minimize risk exposure are shared with readers, including articles that attempt to get into the minds of attackers.  By understanding their adversaries, victims of domestic and social violence are better prepared to respond to attacks. The blog is paired with another series of posts that are not specifically concerned with family safety, instead exploring wide-ranging issues within the area of self-defense.
  22. The Michael Bane Blog – Author and television host Bane discusses self-defense issues from the perspective of a gun rights advocate, posting analysis of legislative action and other gun-related news.  Recent topics include the not guilty verdict for shooter Zimmerman, and other headlines linked to firearms.  While the chatter is not always focused on personal defense practices and usable strategies for staying safe, there are interesting tidbits to be drawn from the musings of a writer so deeply entrenched in gun culture.  Updates about important events and changes to gun laws are included alongside mundane day-to-day entries about life.
  23. St Pete Self-Defense and Personal Protection Blog – Learning to communicate is an essential mode of personal defense training highlighted by entries included in this collection of personal defense articles.  Assertive communication helps diffuse conflict and leads to non-violent resolution when used effectively.  Articles also cover specific scenarios that arise when communication is not enough to de-escalate an encounter.  Women’s defense, in particular, is featured with tips and tactics most appropriate for victims often outmatched physically.  Bullying and safe dating are also explored, uncovering common-sense solutions for remaining safe around other people, especially in secondary and post-secondary education environments.  Personal property protection and the laws that impact you after a robbery or attack are reviewed in some articles.
  24. Self-Defense Blog for Women – Empowering self-defense information targets women, who have slightly different security requirements than their male counterparts.  Awareness at all times is an essential component of consistent personal defense.  Responding timely is better achieved when women are tuned-in to their surroundings, so this is central to the education and training recommendations put-forth by this blogger.  Seminars and other personal protection training opportunities are showcased as additional learning avenues, but the site contains its own blend of useful information about the types of attacks women encounter, and the best ways to thwart them.
  25. Self-Defense Training Today – Answering questions about personal defense, including armed and hand-to-hand strategies is the common thread among articles archived at this blog maintained by a security professional.  Entries discuss commonly encountered situations requiring personal defense actions, as well as related topics designed to stimulate interest in personal protection.  The seed is planted with thought-provoking articles that engage visitors to reflect on their own personal self-defense needs, and develop strategies to keep them safe. Basic philosophies, like maintaining yourself as an undesirable attack target, provide footings for readers who grow with more advanced references as their commitment to personal security expands.

    visit to discover new methods of protection

  26. Self-Defense Techniques – Applied techniques are the key to de-escalating attacks and getting away with the least amount of personal and property damage.  Being prepared to respond is the essential first step lacking in many individual personal safety approaches.  Without specific plans responding to violent encounters, victims are left vulnerable through inaction.  Women and other readers benefit from articles outlining common reactions to personal threats, including evaluations of the effectiveness of each approach.  Products are treated similarly, ranked for their ability to keep users safe and put to the test, in actual trails.
  27. Just Yell Fire – Empowering young women to remain safe is still the primary call to action for this organization, which started as a school project.  Following simple protocols helps young ladies respond to threats they encounter throughout life, and instills confidence in their right to be safe.  It is always about fighting back for the one-million girls active in the program, which has gained national media attention for its powerful messages for school-aged young ladies.  The nonprofit draws attention to its cause using celebrity voices and high-profile media participation.
  28. Self-Defense in USA – Advocacy and awareness are achieved using online articles, but the instructor behind the posts is the real deal.  The women’s self-defense expert shares a lifetime of knowledge with one objective in mind:  Keep Canada Safe.  Starting at the bottom rung of personal safety, posts advocate avoidance and verbal de-escalation strategies that end conflicts without violence or injury.  Through a progression of steps designed to minimize harm, the site discusses a series of physical moves that can be used to limit an attacker’s advantage. Specific posts isolate certain segment of society, providing specific personal safety information that impacts particular groups.  Health care workers, or hospitality employees, for instance have unique needs for personal protection, so their concerns are addressed with dedicated feature posts.
  29. Self-Defense and Combatives Blog – Reeducating readers about self-defense and personal protection is a mission undertaken by this blog, containing posts laden with tips and techniques for heightened family safety.  Property recommendations are also included, advising readers to stay consistent with safety standards at home.  Gates, fences, windows and doors should remain locked, for example and should each be outfitted with proper deadbolt-type locks and hinges.  Personal safety tips and product recommendations are also included, allowing interested parties to explore preparedness and self-protection further.
  30. My-Self-Defense – Personal product recommendations and self-security advice are prevalent here, provided by an informed writer committed to making society safer for those willing to learn about defense strategies. Avoiding conflict is discussed as a first line of defense against personal injury, and maintaining an anticipatory frame of mind is also advocated.  Being ready to respond is a crucial first step that is sometimes overlooked by individual who think they are well-prepared.  Simple approaches like carrying defense whistles and pepper spray stop many assaults before they get started, so they are considered to be valuable front-line defenses.  Additional topical areas receive expanded treatment, including self-defense for women and home protection.
  31. Defy the Bad Guy – This series of articles shares the viewpoint of a blogger who actively teaches self-defense to women.  Details about her programs are featured on the site, including a unique personal safety boot camp offered to women.  Julie Greene carries credentials in self-defense teaching that illustrate her passion, supporting 4-week intensive programs that cover in-depth strategies for all types of individual security – from personal property to female well-being.  Her martial arts history is the perfect complement to the information she offers on her self-defense blog.
  32. Women Self-Defense Blog – Protecting individuals through self-defense education is the primary function of this blog, and the instructional opportunities it supports.  Lots of YouTube videos are present, to visually underscore the message sent by the organization. The group focuses on unique training in group settings, for corporate team-building, social gatherings, and even for high-school classes.  DVDs and other materials available for purchase supplement the free information contained within the site’s blog entries. Tales of real-life self-defense success are also shared with reader’s, to bolster their own confidence and move them to act in their personal defense interests.

    follow defense guru matthew schafer at

  33. Schafer’s Self Defense Corner – Personal reflections of a martial artist and personal self-defense guru seeking to share his experience with readers.  The blog supports self-defense instruction offered by the writer at his studio in Michigan.  Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and a host of martial arts disciplines contribute to the philosophy put-forth on the site, including the blogger’s evaluation of various fighting techniques and outcomes that occur when martial arts are utilized.  Posts are placed several times each year, highlighting individual aspects of self-defense and martial arts.
  34. International Krav Maga New York Blog – Popularity of Krav Maga continues to grow apparently, especially in places like New York City.  The discipline is drawn from a number of martial techniques that include fast and aggressive responses to attacks.  Because the training for Krav Maga focuses on real life situations, it is hailed as a very effective form of self-defense.  Bloggers share techniques and other information about the increasingly popular pursuit.   Women’s Krav Maga training combines real-life self-defense skills with fitness opportunities that add value to learning Krav Maga.  The organization behind the blog hosts classes and seminars for interested parties, including workshops for children.
  35. Paxton Quigley’s Blog – Author and personal safety advocate Ms. Quigley blogs here about protection and personal defense for women.  She shares some of the same concepts in her blog as the one’s she teaches at her ‘Not an Easy target’ seminars.  Fundamental discussions about minimizing your appeal as a target and other general strategies for avoiding assaults are supplemented by specific instructions for individual safety under particular circumstances.  Empowering women with confidence to defend themselves is only one of the functions of the blog; it also provides product reviews and evaluations.
  36. John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Self Defense and Security Blog – Learning to defend yourself is an individual pursuit, with several avenues available to explore.  Firearm self-defense is in a category of its own, but not everyone needing protection seeks weapons.  Martial arts and Krav Maga training provide non-lethal alternatives that enable people to defend themselves the old fashioned way – by hand.  Learning Krav Maga in Phoenix is possible, by enrolling in the self-defense school behind the blog.  Fighting fit points to the additional benefits of Krav Maga personal defense training – increased fitness.  By enrolling in self-defense classes, Krav Maga students gain immediate advantages by reducing their reaction times and becoming more alert.
  37. Personal Security America – Various strategies are explored here for their benefits and shortcomings providing comprehensive personal security.  Devices, including pepper sprays and other products designed to disable attacks are available for purchase, and come with extensive reviews and evaluations.  Stun guns and other legal non-lethal self-defense alternatives are compared and contrasted with other products, in order to match the best means of defense with consumers who need them. In addition to individual protection, property defense is an important consideration within posts on this blog.
  38. Of Arms and the Law – As many blogs share specific information about how to protect yourself in the face of particular dangers, others specialize in following developments that impact self-defense and personal protection as a whole. The entries here fall into the latter category for the most part.  Legal opinions and trends in legislation provide important tells for the future of firearm ownership and personal defense right in the United States, so blogs like this one keep pace with what is happening in the world of personal security. Individual states provide interesting case studies in terms of the way the handle gun rights, which are explored in-depth in archived posts.
  39. Krav Maga New York – Several strategies exist for martial arts based self-preservation, including Krav Maga.  The discipline is an Israeli combat and defense methodology that has been adopted by countless law enforcement agencies and private security forces.  The fundamental ideas behind the approach are shared by the instructors at Krav Maga New York, who also do their best to impart knowledge through this blog.  The training is explained in plain language, so potential students have the information needed to choose their own individual paths toward safety.
  40. Act in Self-Defense – This news blog is tuned-in to the personal defense and family safety scene in Chicago.  The scope of the articles is wide, including pieces that touch on all corners of self-defense, information security, and even national issues like post-911 safety. Real life examples are used to illustrate what measures should be taken in response to various forms of attacks, and articles discussing upcoming Chicago events highlight what attendees should expect, while offering safety strategies for incident free fun in the Illinois city.  Despite the local orientation of the content, articles stretch out into larger topics that impact safety and security nationwide.
  41. Preptronics Blog – Security for individuals, families and personal property are discussed in a series of blog posts that highlight self-defense products.  Pepper spray and other emerging self-defense tools are available for sale, so articles tend to line-up with the products the bloggers are selling.  Still, important information is gleaned from articles, especially for women who turn to stun guns and sprays to help close the physical size gap between women and their attackers.  Home security products are also featured, including basics like baby monitors and electronic surveillance gear.  Security tips and advice on how to become a less appealing target are useful entries for security conscious readers.
  42. Prevention Works – A Blog by the National Crime Prevention Council – Self-defense is closely tied to prevention, so this national organization blogs about the best ways to avoid conflict and to keep yourself out of harm’s way.  Individual safety starts with awareness, so articles reinforce the importance of knowing your surroundings at all times.  Awareness while traveling and when in unfamiliar situations makes you a less desirable target, and turns criminals away.  By maintaining awareness at home, safety measures become automatic features of everyday life, reducing the chance that you will become a victim.  Articles emphasize timely concerns, like the best ways to stay safe during summer, and personal safety standards for kids of all ages.
  43. The Multidimensional Paradigms of Self-Defense – In archived entries, individual viewpoints are investigated as they relate to personal defense.  The underlying assumption is that we respond to threats and protect ourselves in different ways, so our viewpoints have significant impacts on the way we defend ourselves and our property.  By considering viewpoints outside our own, we understand a philosophy that may be more comprehensive in terms of how we protect ourselves.  Thought provoking entries discuss how we use our individual paradigms to justify the way we act under duress.
  44. Connecticut Citizens Defense League Blog – This grass roots effort is backed by a group of citizens committed to gun rights and self-defense awareness in their home state.  Posts include updates about local happenings and personal defense events, but there are also many entries related to legislation about self-defense and gun ownership.  Keeping their membership informed about gun laws leads to state-specific updates that include information about states outside Connecticut.
  45. InSights Training Blog – Personal defense and tactical training classes are supported by this informational blog outlining best practices for self-defense.  Positive self-defense outcomes are achieved when the attacker’s ability to harm you is negated, so the blog entries here focus on the best ways to cause him or her to stop attacking and retreat.  Practicing scripted tactics that respond to a variety of situations leads to quick responses and effective personal defense, so creating this tactical advantage is one of the recommendations made by the organizers of the blog.  Guns, knives and other weapons are evaluated alongside non-lethal defense methods allowing readers to consider their own individual security concerns when establishing personal protection plans.

    at they have provided you the tools for self defense

  46. Safety First Security Solutions Blog – Security requirements are twofold for most concerned citizens:  Training/knowledge and Equipment/security products.  The entries contained here relate to dozens of products sold by the blog organizers, providing the information needed to use them effectively in the field.  Pepper spray and other irritants as well as batons and similar striking instruments are evaluated for effectiveness and instructions are provided for using them.  Several specific scenarios are considered, like animal attacks, home invasions and similar threats, outlining appropriate responses and offering advice about the best weapons to use.
  47. The Self Defence Expert – Topics range across many self-defense disciplines, each discussed by a trained personal defense consultant.  Lots of pictures and videos help send the author’s messages about self-defense.  Martial arts and the various fighting styles associated with each discipline are put under the microscope for readers who know enough to make the proper distinctions between the techniques.  For casual observers, lighter fare is also plated-up, including reviews of products, training styles, and even movies.  News, opinions and articles are mixed in the way they are presented, allowing readers to pick and choose their own areas of interest.
  48. Dynamic Self-Defense – Struggling with basic self-defense principles slows down beginners, so this blog tries to break things down into essential pieces that are easier to digest for upstart citizens increasing their personal security arsenals.  The Albany, New York based author provides detailed analysis of security dilemmas and matches them with appropriate solutions.  Public interest stories are also present, including inspirational pieces about how self-defense preparedness ended positively in individual real life incidents. According to the blog organizers, using martial arts techniques and hand-to-hand combat moves, allows individuals to approach personal protection in effective ways.
  49. Asian World of Martial Arts Blog – Martial arts training is sport to some participants, but to others the disciplines are used as tools of self-defense.  The entries found here recognize both schools of thought, focusing on the vital roles martial arts play in personal defense.  The value and scope of available training is evaluated, providing insight for those new to self-defense classes and philosophies.  But the site is not all business, there are also sections present devoted to martial arts hobbyists interested in posters and other Asian-inspired martial arts products and services.  Videos show martial artists is action, and highlight the importance of Asian culture in personal defense.
  50. The Weapon Blog – Personal defense is achieved using avoidance, de-escalation and physical martial arts techniques, but sometimes weapons are required to provide adequate levels of individual safety.  Entries to this blog point to rising crime rates and increased numbers of violent attacks as justification for better personal protection strategies, including the use of weapons.  Pepper sprays and other irritants provide a convenient class of protection that is generally effective, but these products are only one form of non-lethal weapons carried by concerned citizens.  Stun guns and batons used to strike attackers are also popular among men and women.  Combination weapons that have panic alarms attached to pepper spray canisters, or use strike instruments combined with stun technology add further reassurance for attack victims.

35 Best Computer Security Professors of 2013

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programs draw the best and brightest professors to colleges and universities across the world.  In 2013, stand-out educators continue to emerge in a specialized area of computer science that requires gifted researchers:  Computer Security.  As technology changes and information becomes more and more portable, security concerns arise as quickly as new smartphone apps.  The solution is to continually update the pool of information used to keep computers and data secure.  For their efforts in this area, the following professors are recognized as some of the top Computer Security educators of the year.

  1. rivest_photoRonald Rivest – As a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, Ronald L. Rivest participates in several noted academic groups associated with computer security.  He is a member of the school’s CSAIL, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and the founder of the organization’s Cryptology and Information Security Group. Professor Rivest’s computer security interests have crossed over into the private sector, where he is responsible for helping found VeriSign, RSA Data Security and other computer security interests. In 2012 Dr. Rivest received the Computer Security Hall of Fame Award for his contributions to the field.
  2. SchouCoryCorey D. Schou – Dr. Schou is a highly regarded computer security specialist at Idaho State University, where he holds titles of University Professor of Infomatics, Professor of Information Systems, and Associate Dean of the College of Business.  Dr. Schou has been recognized extensively for his contributions to the areas of computer security, including and educator of the year nod from the Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association. Corey Schou is currently the director of the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center, as well as the Simplot Decision Support Center.  His books, articles and presentations focus on computer security, privacy and ethics among other related topics.
  3.  Keith Ross – The Polytechnic Institute of NYU is home to Professor Keith Ross, who teaches computer science courses at the school.  Dr. Ross also serves as Department Head for the programs in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the college.  The scope of his expertise is wide, including past work in privacy and data-mining, as well as general computer and systems security.  Dr. Ross received his PhD from the University of Michigan, and is a current fellow in several prestigious industry organizations, including the ACM and IEEE.  He has received several best paper recognitions for his research.
  4. kohnoTadayoshi Kohno – Dr., Kohno, known as Yoshi to friends and associates is a specialist in certain areas of computer science and engineering.  Security and privacy of information and computers is an area that Yoshi has worked in extensively during his tenure as associate professor in the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  After receiving his PhD from University of California – San Diego, Dr. Kohno embarked on a career recognized with several noted awards including the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the MIT Technology Innovator Award.  The professor is currently working in areas of emerging technology like cloud security and mobile computer security.  Detecting and Defending Against Third-party Tracking on the Web is a must-read article by professor Kohno.
  5. Matt BishopMatthew Bishop – During his time as a professor of Computer science at the University of California at Davis, Matt Bishop has continued to delve deeply into computer security, an area that has interested him since the late 1970’s.  The professor has spent years looking specifically at vulnerability, calibrating accurate ways to assess our risk as computer users.  Access controls and other specialized studies have guided Dr. Bishop’s career through advanced UNIX security research into his current areas of interest, which include election processes, data sanitization, and other computer security problems.  Dr. Bishop’s book, “Computer Security:  Art and Science” shares his insights on various computer security topics.
  6. D.WagnerDavid Wagner – Professor Wagner continues to pursue research in computer security while maintaining his faculty position at University of California – Berkley.  As a professor of computer science, his research interests focus on large-scale systems and network analysis, including program security analysis and applied cryptology.  Current projects include software and smartphone computer security initiatives, and other efforts focused on emerging technology. David Wagner also participates in the University’s Security Research Group.
  7. marianne-winslettMarianne Winslett – Having served in various capacities on the faculty of the University of Illinois Urbana Campus, Dr. Winslett now works as a research professor in the University’s Department of Computer Science.  She earned her PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, before working at Bell Labs.  She brought her interest in information security and data management to the University of Illinois in the late 1980’s and has made significant contributions to the field during her time there.  She has served on countless editorial boards and received recognition for her research, earning best paper awards on multiple occasions.
  8.  Greg White – Gregory White has carried enthusiasm for security education and research throughout an impressive career centered in the San Antonio area.  During a thirty-year career with the United States Air Force, on active duty and in the reserves, Dr. White joined the faculty at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he entered the school’s Information Systems program.  Early in his career at the school, he helped establish the UTSA Cyber-Security Research Center, which has celebrated a ten year anniversary to-date.  The Center sponsors one of the most widely recognized cyber-security competitions for college students, designed to spark innovation and collaboration among the brightest thinkers in the computer security field.
  9. Dana Dachman-Soled – Dr. Dachman-Soled is a relatively new member of the faculty within the A. James Clark School of Engineering – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland.  She brings her PhD from Columbia University to the classrooms and research facilities in Maryland, to continue pressing the envelope within the computer security field.  After receiving a presidential scholarship for her studies at Columbia, Dr. Dachman-Soled continued-on with a fellowship opportunity at Microsoft Research.  Her interests and areas of instruction relate to cryptographic security and other computer science disciplines.
  10. santoroGerry Santoro – Students enrolled at Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology benefit from Dr. Santoros experience with computer security, but so do others.  Dr. Santoro maintains a page of information helping computer users remain problem-free.  Dr. Santoro has an extensive hands-on history providing security and advice for computers systems, and his courses focus on these areas.  Risk analysis and cyber-forensics are also part of the academic major that Dr. Santoro works closely with. He also holds editorial credentials with noted online journals, and has been recognized with numerous awards.
  11. nicolasNicolas Christin – Dr. Christen acts as an assistant research professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Cylab at Carnegie Mellon University.  He also serves as faculty advisor to several Master’s Degree Programs in computer security fields at the school. His credentials include a PhD from the university of Virginia and extensive service abroad in Japan and other locales.  Through his association with Cylab, Carnegie Mellon’s security laboratory, Dr. Christin continues to push the envelope in critical cyber-security thinking.  Current projects involve online security and crime modeling.
  12. haldermanJ. Alex Halderman – Assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, Dr. Halderman sometimes blogs about cyber-security issues at Freedom to Tinker.  His main areas of interest lie in computer security and privacy, particularly in software security, network security, data protection and emerging science like computer forensics.  Dr. Halderman earned his Computer science PhD from Princeton University in 2009, and continues to work on projects related to hacking, encryption, and other security issues.  His research on widespread weak keys in network devices earned him a best paper recognition from his peers.
  13. MironLivnyMiron Livny – Working as a research professor at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, has opened interesting doors for professor Livny, who has been able to work on Department of Homeland Security projects requiring his particular expertise.  One current project works to increase the level of security on software used to control the internet and the cyber infrastructure. Livny is Director of Core Computational Technology at the Morgridge Institute for research in addition to his service at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.
  14. sgwetzelSusanne Wetzel – Educated in Germany, this professor brings private sector experience with Daimler Chrysler, Lucent Technologies, and RSA Laboratories to her computer security resume.  Her areas of research interest include cryptography and algorithmic theory.  Her work is conducted as an associate professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology, in the Computer Science Department.  Her publications include books, journals and countless papers presented in academic settings.  Other professional activities include work on anti-phishing research and collaboration with other computer security professionals.
  15. zhang_honggangHomggang Zhang – As an associate professor at Fordham University, Dr. Zhang works in the Department of Computer and Information Science.  While the scope of the internet and world reliance on computers grows, data management and computer security are areas that continue to require innovative solutions – Dr. Zhang helps provide them.  As well as managing the large volumes of data that computer dependence generates, modern computer security professionals are tasked with keeping it private and secure.  Social networking and mobile computing are specialized areas drawing attention, because they represent the next wave of technology requiring security.  Dr. Zhang and other forward-thinking professionals attempt to look into the future to forecast the types of problems that might arise with data sharing practices later on, even as they address problems popping up today.
  16. spaffordEugene Spafford – Purdue University is home to Dr. Spafford, who teaches several classes within the Department of Computer Science.  His areas of specialization include social impacts of computing, including emerging mobile and cloud technologies that constantly create the need for enhanced security.  Ethics, cybercrime and general internet security are the bread and butter for Dr. Spafford, leading to accolades from his peers and teaching honors from Purdue. Dr. Spafford also runs the University’s Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS), which leads research in the field of internet and computer security.  Dr. Stafford made headlines for suggesting users will defect from the World Wide Web due to the inherent dangers it poses to their personal security.
  17. duWeliang (Kevin) Du – Professor Du understands the implications of computer security for mobile devices and other emerging technologies, so he has dedicated his research to these areas.  Dr. Du is a professor in the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University, where he and his research team tackle system security problems and innovate in the area of smartphone system security.  His PhD is from Purdue University, and he currently holds prestigious positions on panels and committees serving the computer security industry.
  18. ahamadMustaque Ahamad – Securing the internet and computer applications for the future is a passion shared by many computer security professionals, including Dr. Ahamad.  In the College of Computing at The Georgia Institute of Technology he works with colleagues to secure future applications, while at the same time innovating secure storage services for personal information.  Dr. Ahamad earned his PhD at the State University of New York.  He has worked with dozens of successful computer security specialists as a mentor and collaborator.
  19. James Burkman – Oklahoma State professor Dr. Jim Burkman works in areas concerned with the ongoing security of computers and networks.  At the Spears School of Business at OSU Dr. Burkman pushes forward research programs for application security.  He has published several journal articles on the subject, and continues to push for solutions for today’s, and tomorrow’s problems.  After earning his PhD from Indiana University, Dr. Burkman began teaching and conducting research in information security.
  20. hoffmanLance Hoffman – Throughout his distinguished career in cyber-security, Dr. Hoffman has been on the cutting edge of computer security research and education.  His early accomplishments helped set the stage for a computer education model that was in its infancy, changing faster than traditional educational systems could stay current.  As a Distinguished Research professor at the George Washington University, he continues to share his experience and consultation.  Dr. Hoffman is the author of dozens of journal articles and books, and serves in advisory roles on several prestigious scholarship boards granting funding for promising computer security students
  21. matt-greenMatt Green – Professor Green teaches courses at Johns Hopkins University that are related to the work he does with his research.  Dr. Green’s areas of specialization include developing techniques for effectively storing information with high levels of privacy assurance built-in.  He is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, where he also works in the fields of bilinear cryptography and cryptographic information.  Specifically, his research uncovers ways to keep databases secure and to allow people access, without compromising their own privacy as they use the resources.  His blog talks about developments in the field.
  22. yi muYi Mu – Dr. Mu specializes in cryptography and related disciplines, including computer and network security.  Professor Mu is faculty at the University of Wollongong, where he plays important roles on committees within the School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.  He has published more than two-hundred fifty scholarly papers.  He serves as the head of his school and is also the editor of the International Journal of Applied Cryptography.  His academic credentials include a PhD from the Australian National University.
  23. Jed Crandall – Dr. Crandall and his team of researchers share the belief that internet activities should be more transparent when they involve censorship and controlling information.  He works as an associate professor at the University of New Mexico, guiding research in forward thinking areas that govern internet security and privacy of information.  Dr. Crandall earned his PhD from the University of California at Davis, before entering into research partnerships with prestigious funding entities.
  24. DenningDorothy Denning – Dr. Denning has led a productive career in computer science, dating back to her early innovations at Purdue University in the 1970’s.  She taught there for years, as well as serving on the faculty at Georgetown University.  She is the inaugural member of the Cyber Security Hall of Fame, illustrating the important role her body of work has played in the computer science field for decades.  In addition to her service at Purdue and Georgetown, Dr. Denning worked in the private sector for nearly ten years, helping secure computer systems for corporations.  She has written four books and over 100 scholarly articles, which have been published in industry journals.  She teaches now at the Naval Postgraduate School, enlightening students with classes like Computer Network Attack and Defense.
  25. ckanichChris Kanich – Dr. Kanich studies an area that receives less attention among academics than some other areas of information security – the financial gains made by attackers.  Analyzing the profits and economic motivation behind hacking and cyber attacks helps illuminate solutions to the growing internet concern.  Dr. Kanich works as an associate professor at University of Illinois – Chicago, where he leads a small research team in the Department of Computer Science.  He has participated in several influential committees and has found his ideas featured in mainstream publications like The Economist, The New York Times, and Wired magazine.  Human factors influence computer security is an adjunct area of research for Dr. Kanich.
  26. Kevin_ButlerKevin Butler – Computer security concerns drive Dr. Kevin Butler’s research, particularly in the areas of information storage, large-scale systems security and network privacy.  He is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon, where he recently landed an award from the NSF to fund his research projects.  The NSF Secure and Trustworthy Cyber Security CAREER Award brings valuable resources to Dr. Butler’s research relating to secure retention and management of sensitive information.  Dr. Butler earned his PhD at Pennsylvania State University.
  27. Paul Dourish – Dr. Dourish is a professor at the University of California Irvine.  His work at the school’s Donald Bren School of Computer and Information Sciences focuses on security issues for computer systems.  Mobile computing is a particular area of interest, as well as the social components associated with human computing behavior. Professor Dourish serves on industry councils and advisory boards, providing cutting edge research results for better computer security.  Dr. Dourish and his research team work closely with social scientists to dissect the interactions between humans and computers, looking for insight into the behaviors behind our work with machines.
  28. ravisandhuRavi Sandhu – Computer security and privacy are areas that have undergone drastic transformations in the ways they are viewed.  Dr. Sandhu has been a first-hand participant in the development of effective strategies for responding to emerging computer threats. His prestigious career in computer security includes over 250 published articles, written with over 100 collaborators.  Dr. Sandhu is the Executive Director and Chief Scientist at University of Texas – San Antonio, where he has been employed since 2007.  Previous faculty positions were held by Dr. Sandhu at Ohio State University and George Mason University. He is also active at the Institute for Cyber Security.
  29. zittrainJonathan Zittrain – Cyber security issues are muddled among those of law, so professionals understanding both aspects of the equation bring unique insight to the table.  Professor Zittrain teaches in both schools at Harvard University, sharing computer security coursework in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is a founder of Berkman Center for internet and Society and is on the board of advisors for Scientific American. Special areas of interest include governance of new and emerging technologies and other internet policy issues.
  30. swcarterSamuel Carter – Mr. Carter serves as adjunct faculty at NC State University in the Computer Science Department, specializing in issues related to computer and cyber security.  Cryptography and authorization and authentication processes are within Mr. Carter’s areas of research, as well as network security administration and other systems administration issues.  Mr. Carter currently serves as an advisor for the National Collegiate cyber Defense Competition where standout students compete with theories to head-off the next major cyber security issues.
  31. J C Birget – Computer security and cryptography are essential areas of study for Dr. Birget, who earned his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.  As a professor at Rutgers University – Camden, Dr. Birget draws on international training and theory to dissect advanced algorithms. Dozens of journal publications and conference articles support Dr. Birget’s educational credentials, including editing books and collaborating with other researchers in the discipline.
  32. junjei-ZhangJunjie Zhang – Associate professor Zhang was tapped last year to head the Master’s in cyber security program at Wright State University.  The Department of Computer Science sponsored the initiative to keep pace with the ever-increasing threats to computer security and to facilitate advanced training for the people in the Wright State region.  The Dayton region requires high numbers of computer security personnel, due to the concentration of national security missions in the area.
  33. ContiGreg Conti – Colonel Gregory Conti is an educator and the director of the Information Technology Operations Center.  He has written multiple books and countless magazine and journal entries.  In addition to those publications, Professor Conti is responsible for dozens of conference papers and collaborations with other computer security professionals.  In addition to his service as WestPoint faculty, he is an adjunct professor at the National Cryptologic School and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of computer security.  Of particular interest to Colonel Conti are online privacy issues, creating secure interfaces, and principles of cyber warfare.
  34. engin-kirdaEngin Kirda – Professor Kirda is an associate professor for information assurance at Northeastern University.  He works in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Information Science.  Dr. Kirda is concerned with academic areas relating to network and systems security, particularly web security and malware analysis.  He also serves as Director of the University’s Information Assurance Institute.  He is one of the founders of the international Secure Systems Lab, a network of professional collaborators that work together to address cyber security concerns. In addition to publishing dozens of scholarly articles, Dr. Kirda is co-founder of a private venture that helps create secure systems for hire.  He sits on influential committees and chairs respected programs as well.
  35. fifeEarl Fife – Dr., Fife is a faculty member at Calvin College, where he teaches computer science.  He earned a PhD from Wesleyan University in 1977, after acquiring his Master’s at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.  In addition to the formal educational credentials, Dr.  Fife maintains a long list of certifications endorsing him as a professional forensic computer examiner, and systems security expert. Dr. Fife also holds memberships in industry organizations like the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Associations of Computer Investigative Specialists, and Michigan Section of the Mathematics Association of America.  Professor Fife is one of the co-founders of The Mathematics Archives.