NevadaLocated in the Western region of the United States, Nevada is home to 2.8 million residents. The 7th largest and 9th least densely populated state, nearly 75% of the state’s residents live in the Las Vegas area. The state’s capital is Carson City, and much of Nevada is desert, located within the Great Basin. The tourism industry remains the state’s largest employer, and mining is a large concern here as well, as Nevada one of the world’s top producers of gold. If you’d like to settle in the Silver State, here are the 5 safest cities in Nevada.

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Our list was compiled based on FBI violent crime stats and proprietary research data. Rates are normalized per 100,000 residents with the state average being 636 for violent crime and 2,625 for property crime. This is calculated by taking (# of crimes/population) * 100,000.

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#1 Boulder City


Located in Clark County, Boulder City is home to 15,000 residents.  The community is just 26 miles southeast of Las Vegas and is close to the Hoover Dam, is one of two cities in the state that prohibits gambling, and was included on Money magazine’s list of “Top 25 Places to Retire.”  Boulder City is the safest place to live in Nevada, with a violent crime rate of 78.1, and the chance of being involved in a property crime here just 1.4%.

#2 Mesquite


Another city in Clark County, Mesquite is home to 15,200 residents.  The community is 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas and sits along the Arizona State line.  It is located on the banks of the Virgin River and is the site of growing retirement population.  Another safe place to call home, the violent crime rate here is 108.1, and residents of Mesquite have a 1.9% chance of being affected by property crime.

#3 Henderson


Also located in Clark County, the city of Henderson has a current population of 270,800 residents.  The second largest city in the state, the community is home to several casinos and resorts and was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as “One of the Best Cities to Live in America.”  The violent crime rate in Henderson is 168.9, and the chance of being involved in a property crime here is just 2%.

#4 Sparks


A city in Washoe County, Sparks is home to 90,200 residents.  Located just east of Reno, the community was founded in 1904, has just one high-rise casino, and is the site of several historic properties.  The violent crime rate here is 253.3, and residents of Sparks have a 2.7% chance of being affected by property crime.

#5 Reno


Also located in Washoe County, the city of Reno has a current population of 233,200 residents.  Known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,”  the community is also the county seat and is home to the University of Reno and several large businesses that include International Game Technology, Peppermill Reno, and Atlantis Casino Resort.  The violent crime rate in Reno is 517.2, and the chance of being involved in a property crime here is 3.2%.

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